Volume Pills GNC – Can You Buy Volume Pills at GNC? (Answers)

Can You Buy Volume Pills at GNC? Here’s All You Need To Know!

Volume Pills GNC – The Reason Why? Why You Can’t Find Volume Pills at GNC

Sex is an integral part of a healthy relationship. Ejaculations during the sexual activity are a symbol of sexual passion between the partners, which is also a sign of masculinity and a huge turn on for women.

The more you ejaculate and cum, the more satisfied would be your women in bed.

Volume Pills GNC

While you cannot control the amount of cum you produce as the ejaculations are heightened in the 20s of a man.

With time and age, the ejaculations and cum might lessen. And if you experience poor ejaculations, weak intensity of orgasms, low volume of semen during ejaculation, and low blood circulation to the penis.

Then it’s high time, to hold on to a lasting solution for your problem.

You don’t need to worry anymore, and browse through hundreds of web pages to find the appropriate remedy for your low sperm count.

There is actually a simple, safe and natural formula to ease your worries; Volume Pills.

The Pills can have a huge impact on your sexual life, making it better for both you and your partner.

Well, there is one more important thing you need to know before exploring the many benefits and advantages of consuming the supplement.

That is, how to identify low sperm count and why does it matter for men.

So keep reading to grasp on all the knowledge about the supplement and how the increase ejaculation Volume Pills can help you in making your sex life better.

Why Does Low Sperm Count Matters?

Low sperm

The main reason for low sperm count is when you are facing fertility issues. If you are having issues with sexual performance and poor functioning then this is how you identify that you are having low sperm count.

Problems with sexual functioning includes low sex drive, problems in maintaining stronger erection, feeling pain or swelling in the area of testicle. Other than this, having less hair on the body or face can be a symptom of low sperm count.

These are the signs that indicate that you are having a low sperm count.


Now, you need to understand why low sperm count matters? Well, it is right to say if a man’s body is not producing enough sperms that means it will cause infertility problems later.

Low sperm count means man just doesn’t have enough load which actually sounds bad.

If a man is unable to satisfy his lady in bed and doesn’t do harder erection during sex then will somehow affect your relationship.

Having low sperm count lowers the chances of pregnancy from your partner. Considering the average number of sperm count in man, the value goes about 40 million per milliliter to 300 million sperms milliliter. Other than this, the low rate of sperm generation explains that every milliliter includes a number of sperms less than 10 million.

Likewise, a man with increased sperm production can have a load which means he could have a total sperm count of about 300 million sperms per milliliter.

If you are planning to have a happy married life and want to complete your family by having your own kids, then having higher sperm count in a man is necessary.

Higher sperm count results in higher results in higher chances of impregnating your partner.

Moreover, fertility of a man not only depends on the quantity of sperms but also over the quality of the sperms.

For example, in some cases, if a man has low sperm count but the quality of sperm is quite high then with appropriate speed and other elements involved in reaching the egg, there are possibilities that a man can impregnate his lady.

In conclusion, for a better sex life it is essential to have the sperm production rate higher as it leads to higher chances of promoting fertility.

The more sperm swims to the ovaries, you will only need someone to get your lady pregnant.


The solution for the problem of low sperm count is increased sperm volume Pills.

It is a supplement that will surely help you a lot in solving all the problems. The authentic results and the quick effects of increased sperm Volume Pills will shock you.

This painless process of taking supplements will benefit you a lot as it will increase your sperm count within two weeks. Enjoy your sex life without stressing out about the side effects of the Pills.

Satisfy your partner will intense orgasm and enjoy every bit of the intercourse with better performance in bed.

What Is The Volume Pills Product?

Manufactured and sold by a US based Leading Edge Health company, the Volume Pills is a male boosting supplement that helps men enhance libido and hence, their sexual activity with their partner.

Volume Pills review

The pill increases sex drive and sex motivation, promotes erotic stimulation, boosts stronger and harder erections while improving orgasms and ejaculation.

The Volume Pills not only aim to make the erections stronger, but the supplement also contributes in improving the quality as well as the quantity of sperm count that is produced as you ejaculate.

It increases the volume of natural semen.

The pill is specifically formulated for men who wish to shoot big loads, but struggle in doing so.

Well, the combination of ingredients used in the supplement works their wonders to improve the semen production.

The Volume Pills are the best option to cum like you have never done before, to enjoy a pleasing sexual performance.

Moreover, the good thing about the Pills is that the supplement is composed using only nature ingredients.

This blend of pure herbs and ingredients makes it a safe product to use. And so, you can consume the supplement without any medical prescriptions.

Also, the pill is manufactured under legal and licensed facilities which means that you can rest assured that the pill you are taking is a safe and secure supplement.

How Do The Volume Pills Work?

The basic purpose of the Volume Pills is to increase the volume of semen by boosting the testosterone levels in the body.

Testosterone is a main sexual hormone in men that stimulates libido and semen generation. The higher the testosterone levels, the more you’ll feel sex motivation and greater semen production.

There’s usually a confusion between sperm and semen.

Sperm count

The semen is the sticky fluid which is released when a man ejaculates. The semen contains two components, that is, the sperm cells that emanate from the testicles and other additional liquid which the reproductive glands release.

As the Volume Pills work to boost the testosterone levels, therefore, the sperm cells production and the extra liquids release is higher too.

Because of the various ingredients in the supplement, the blood flow to the penis is also stimulated and enhanced. This effect of the Pills makes erections stronger, harder and more achievable.

Furthermore, there’s also a positive effect on orgasms with routine consumption of the supplement.

To say physically, you experience successions of contractions in muscles of your pelvic floor as you orgasm.

Throughout the first contraction, cum is not yet shooting out. But, the ejaculation actually happens in the course of the second contraction.

Later on, with each series of contraction, the release of cum becomes less.

The more cum there is to eject, the more muscle contraction there will be.

And so, you would experience sustained and intense orgasm. If the semen volume is high, the orgasms you experience are passionate and they last longer too.

What Are The Ingredients Used In Volume Pills?

The Volume Pills are made up of 100% natural ingredients. All the ingredients mix together in a form of Pills and work effectively to improve any men’s sexual capability.

Volume PIlls Ingredients

All the herbs used in formulation of semen Volume Pills have several benefits to enhance your semen.

Below are the ingredients that are used in the formation of Volume Pills and hence leads to effective and quick results


This magical ingredient is used to increase the Testosterone of a man.

This herb works the best in improving the erectile dysfunction in a man’s body. For many years this ingredient is used to improve the production of testosterone because this element has the tendency to boost up levels of testosterone.

The latter helps in improved sexual performance and hard erection. Moreover, this herb works to lean the muscle mass as well.  The higher the level of testosterone, the more semen will be produced that supports improved sexual motivation.


It is a component of Volume Pills that is responsible for stimulating the human brain for generation dopamine in excessive amount, dopamine is basically neurotransmitter that plays a significant role in boosting the feelings of pleasure and satisfaction during sex. [study 1]

This elements does wonders for your sex life as you will be able to intense satisfaction and enjoyment while having orgasm with your partner.

After the use of volume Pills, you will be able to become more responsive towards these sensations and what your do as it becomes sensitive.

Fucus Vesiculosus

Fucus Vesiculosus is another fundamental ingredient of the volume Pills.

It helps in better sexual health as it speeds up the healthy production of sperm and semen as well.

It is an active ingredient that is efficient for enhancement of a man’s penis. This element is perfect for encouraging sperm and semen production.

Zinc Gluconate

Zinc is considered as one of the most important and indispensable ingredients in volume Pills. It is a natural ingredient that is found in almost every male enhancement supplement.

Zinc Gluconate is responsible for enhancing the T-level in men. It has a property to boost up the Testosterone and improves the count of sperms that outcomes in excellent erection.

It is scientifically proven that this component is purely natural and works the best in increasing sperm count. 24 mg of zinc is included in the formula of volume Pills. Among many other benefits of zinc mineral, it promotes sexual health in men.

Through intake of this pill, there will be enough zinc in your body and then your body is capable of producing a significant amount of semen. It resolves fertility issues.

From improving quantity and quality of count of the sperms to increasing sexual vigor in men, this product does wonders.

Hong Hua Fen

It is a herb that has another name called safflower.

Hong Hua Fen is an essential ingredient that helps in medication of boosting men’s sexual desire for orgasm.

Supports infertility and works just like drilizen because it is also a vasodilator that improves the flow of the blood to the Penis and results in bigger size and better erection. [study 2]

It is a traditional element that is used in Chinese medicine, it improves the blood circulation to invigorate the blood that results in amazing sex drive full of pleasures.

Moreover, it gives harder erection, and larger sperm count.

Xian Mao

Another well-known Chinese medicine component of Volume Pills is Xian Mao.

It is an Ayurvedic herb in nature that battles with infertility issues and impotence. Xian Mao is observed as aphrodisiac that increases sperm count and semen.

It is considered as a replacement to Viagra and controls the risks of early ejaculation in men. It makes sure to let the semen stay in for a little longer so that the orgasm would be full of pleasures.

Ling Zhi

The common name of Ling Zhi is Reishi. It is a mushroom and can be known as the mushroom of immortality.

Like other ingredients it has been also used in Chinese medicine for years that helps in increasing the stamina of men during sex and works as a sexual enhancer to upgrades the overall energy for better sexual performance in bed.

Ling Zhi is used in the composition of Volume Pills that helps in increasing libido. [study 3]

It is an antioxidant that reduces stress and helps in the betterment of stronger immune system so that you will have enough energy to do well while having sex time with your lady.

Ku Gua

It is an Asian herb and popularly referred to as bitter melon.

There are a lot of benefits of this herb like it resolves stomach issues, irregular menstrual cycles in women, and can be used for treating diabetes conditions.

Likewise, one of the most recognizable properties and advantages of Ku Gua herb is that it increases testosterone levels along with eliminating fat from the body. The lower the fats, the higher will be the T-levels as both of these are associated with one another.

Dong Chong Xia Cao

Another ingredient used in the formula of Volume Pills is Dong Chong Xia Cao that helps men in motivating their sexual life.

The ingredient helps in upgrading the levels of Testosterone by increasing them. It promotes fertility in men and maintains a better sex drive in males.

Furthermore, it is helpful for boosting sexual ability and results in regular and balanced production of semen and sperms in a man body.

San Guo Mu

This ingredient has also been used in Chinese medication since decades.

It is helpful in improving blood circulation in a male’s body, especially in penis that ultimately results in a harder and stronger erection. It is essential for pacing and managing control while having sex. [study 4]

Tian Men Dong

It is a herb that benefits the males that are suffering from impotence and helps in resolving this issue of having trouble in achieving stronger erection.

Moreover, the intake of Volume Pills results in better orgasm than ever before.


This supplement might have a lot of advantages and makes it easy for you to resolve all the issues that you are facing in your sexual life. But the most important thing that might cross your mind is how to take Volume Pills.

Well, it is a supplement and the Volume Pills dosage schedule depends upon you.

Results of Volume pills

Generally, you can take a dose of this supplement by having one or two Pills regularly. You can manage to take the Pills ideally by spacing them out and having one in the morning after waking up and the other one in the evening time.

The number of Pills that you can take in a day is approximately 6.

It is important to keep in mind that each pill is already enough and there is no need to overdose it.

Another question that might arise in your mind is how long you should take volume Pills?

For excellent results you can take Volume Pills dosage for two months at least. There are certain things that you should pay attention to while having a regular dosage of volume Pills.

Make sure that you avoid having sex or masturbation in the first week of consuming it. But right after completing a week of taking the supplement daily, you can involve in sexual activities as much as you want.

Moreover, try to avoid smoking and drinking, follow a proper sleeping schedule of taking 8 hours of sleep, and eat whole food instead of processed meals.

There is a strong connection between semen volume and your overall health.

The better the health the higher will be the semen volume. So, when you are taking supplements regularly, you can enhance the effects by adopting a healthy lifestyle.


The main benefit which most Volume Pill reviews state is that the semen volume is increased to around 500% with the supplement consumption over a period of a few weeks.

Simultaneously, the results of the Pills are not only limited to the ejaculation you do. But, you get to experience longer and intense orgasms, strong erection due to more blood flow to the penis, and improved sexual activity.

  • Increased semen volume to 500% on each orgasm
  • Sustained and passionate orgasms
  • Boosted libido and sexual performance
  • Enhanced testosterone levels
  • Prevents premature ejaculation
  • Stimulates flow of blood to the penis
  • Stronger and harder erections of the penis
  • Improved sexual, emotional and mental health

What Are The Benefits Of Volume Pills?

There are enormous benefits of volume Pills.

It is a supplement that works the best to resolve the issues that you are facing issues in your sexual life that result in having setbacks in your relationship and marriage.

With the use of Volume Pills you will gradually witness an enhancement in sexual desire.

So, have a look at these benefits of Volume Pills.

increase sperm volume pills
Improved Volume Of Ejaculation

Volume Pills helps in enhanced volume ejaculation. It is one of the most essential benefits of volume Pills.

Improper ejaculation or less ejaculation by a man during sex results in dissatisfaction of your partner. In order to overcome this problem, intake of Volume Pills is the right option.

It allows the semen to build up a little longer that results in better performance and pleasing orgasm. With the use of Volume Pills the chances of early ejaculation is reduced.

Experts say it is estimated that much like a figure of 3-5 ml sperms comes out when a man ejaculates. But approximately the percentage of 500% ejaculation volume is increased with the use of volume Pills.

Strong And Harder Erection

There are so many ingredients that are used in the formulation of volume Pills. All of these ingredients work the best for better sexual motivation.

The supplement consists of herbs that help in speeding up the circulation of blood in the whole body and importantly in the penis of a man. The increased rate of blood flow to the genitals results in stronger and hard erection.

So, the Pills strengthens the erection while having sex with your lady that ends up with full of pleasures and satisfaction.

More Passionate And Intense Orgasm

With the use of this supplement named as Volume Pills resolves infertility issues. And results in promoting fertility increases the count of sperms in men.

When these issues are resolved by having a dose of Volume Pills it ultimately leads to better orgasm that both you and your partner enjoys.

Your sex life will be full of pleasures and passion that make your relationship stronger with your spouse.

Boosts Libido

All of the ingredients involved are 100% natural that makes the supplement safe to use.

Moreover, the herbs not only improves the production rate of sperms and increase the count of sperm but also increases libido. Libido is defined as the overall sexual drive or activity of a person.

With the intake of Volume Pills you will be capable of desiring to put the sperm to good use.

Other than this, you will gradually observe increased ejaculation volume along with better sex drive and increased sperm count.

Are There Any Side Effects Of Using Volume Pills?

Volume Pills is a supplement in nature that is made up of various ingredients.

All the components involved in the formulation of Volume Pills are 100% natural which means they are organic and hence they carry no real side effects.

The composition of Volume Pills is made up of a mixture of herbs that are extracted to combine together in order to form a pill with authentic results. This naturally formulated pill has no side effects and is safe to use.

Moreover, all the ingredients are originally extracted from herbs that are of good quality.

Experts and scientists have medically proven that Volume Pills are safe to use and contain no harmful side effects.

The supplement is approved by the FDA and the volume pill side effects are absolutely none.

Most Volume Pills reviews say that there are no visible side effects of consuming the supplement. It is totally safe product to use and gives you various benefits by resolving infertility issues and leads to pleased and intense sex life.

Does GNC Sell Volume Pills?

There is always a misperception that the GNC store and the Volume Pills brand are linked. But that’s not really the case.

GNC is an American health and nutritional products seller. While the company sells supplements, minerals, vitamins and energy products, but Volume Pills gnc is not one of them.

The Volume Pills gnc is not an original product.

buy Volume Pills

Now you might wonder where can I buy Volume Pills. Well, the answer is simple and short “The Official Manufacturer Site”.

To make sure that you get the authentic and real product only, buy the Pills from the official website of the manufacturer that is, https://www.volumePills .com/.

The original supplement is available only at the official, so it’s best to do the purchasing through that medium.


One box of the Volume Pills costs $65.00 which is exactly one month’s dose.

As each bottle contains 60 Pills. Therefore, routine consumption of the supplement for twice a day means that the one box is your dose for a month.

Ordering the Pills from the official manufacturer’s site doesn’t only save you from scam. But it also offers money back guarantee.

Which means that if you have bought multiple bottles, and you are not satisfied with the product, then you can return the unopened item to the manufacturer and get a 100% refund on the price of the product.

Purchasing the Pills from the original website also offers you multiple advantages such as:

  • 100% genuine products
  • 67 day money back return policy
  • Free shipping on 3 month supply pack or more
  • Free delivery anywhere around the globe
  • Special packages for new customers
  • Season sales and discount offers

One of the appealing and distinctive features of the Volume Pills manufacturer is that they offer discount packages and special deals to both their new and existing customers.

If you buy Volume Pills online, you are guaranteed to avail discount on supply packages.

The product is available in different monthly packages which are mentioned below.


This is the one month supply package and it costs $65.00 which lets you save $14.95 from the retail price of $79.95.


The Everyday Value Pack is the two month supply which costs around $110 on each purchase of the package.


This is the three month supply and longer-lasting package which costs $160.00, and offers savings of $79.85.


The Gold Package is the six month supply. The price of the pack is $250 and you also receive gift cards worth $125. Which means that you save $229.70 with this pack.


This is the one year supply package and costs $348.95. Gift cards of $125 are also included in the pack, saving you $600 on the deal.


There is no doubt about the fact that every man wants to feel masculine and virile.

Boost Male Fertility and Increase Sperm Count

There is nothing wrong about it. They need to feel intense orgasm, strong erection, good blood circulation to the penis, enhanced sexual drive and sexual performance, mature ejaculations, and a satisfied woman in their life. But, due to some natural reasons, they don’t get to achieve that and enjoy a passionate sex life.

While the low sperm count and less volume of the semen happens because of the elements and reasons which happen naturally in the male body.

However, there is still a safe and easy way to get what you want, and be a bed champ in the room.

Volume Pills is a secure and legitimate product to increase the semen volume, erections and to improve your sexual health.

So, if you are looking for a solution to help you reach your sexual life goals, then definitely use this product, and be assured that you won’t be disappointed.

What’s more better than a supplement which is natural and doesn’t negatively affect your physical and mental health. Rather, provides you several benefits that leads to a healthy lifestyle, better sex life, and improved mood.

So try the bestselling semen Volume Pills for yourself and thank us later!

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