Fake Cum Recipes – What is It and How to Make Fake Cum at Home?

Fake semen or Fake Cum is a mode of entertainment inside the bedroom. Couples who like to get creative with their sexual experience may find this gesture uniquely disgusting.

The trend, however, is spread across the US and it’s becoming the best prank you could play on several people.

Fake semen is of great use when it comes to the pornographic industry. They use the special types of fake cum recipes that can get you a fresh sample of semen you just brewed.

Making fake cum at home is very much easy, all you have to gather some common powders and liquids but let’s not rush it.

Also, if you would like to cum like a porn star, this may be the best practice for making a movie.

Supplements for increasing semen volume are the 2nd line of defense that increases cum production naturally.

About Fake Cum and How to Make it at Home?

We are not going to be slow here but some people like the smell and taste of cum. In some fetishes, the cum taste increases the urge of sexual desire and females are more animal-like creatures when they smell it.

Have you ever mingled with a wild girl who likes it so bad you to cum hard on her? This is mostly the case why men want to develop a large cum volume.

Fake semen is like semen in a cup, only when you taste or smell it you will find that it’s not the original one. Fake cum is merely an imitation of male semen which you may have seen porn stars spraying on each other faces.

There are lots of applications of fake cum in our daily life, some fake cum products are used as lubricants when it’s about performing anal sex or sex with skin dryness involved.

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How to Make Fake Semen at Home?

There are various methods by which you can make fake cum at home. We will go with the first method; the method which Pornographers applies.

Methyl Cellulose Fake Cum

Methyl Cellulose Fake Cum

Methyl Cellulose is widely used in the porn industry every year, the compound is not expensive and doesn’t cause yeast infections.

It’s not a good idea to swallow even a teaspoon of methylcellulose while some cum junkies in the movie go with a very little amount.

Methylcellulose is a thickening agent that is available in the powder form, it is usually mixed with a liquid. Making fake cum via methylcellulose is very much easy, simply add water to this until it forms a sticky mass.

You could also add a pinch of baby powder for the white coloring agent. Since the compound is quite potent, so you start with half a teaspoon of methylcellulose in water bit by bit.

Fake Semen by methylcellulose usually takes a few tries before getting the right recipe.

Fake Cum Recipe by Cornstarch and Water

Fake Cum Recipe by Cornstarch and Water

This recipe is for those who want to make fake cum with the most common ingredients.

Cornstarch is a common household found in the spice corner of the kitchen, if you don’t have it you can find it at any nearby grocery stores.

One thing about the fake cum made out of cornstarch and water is it cannot be kept for a longer time, the consistency doesn’t last forever with this and it’s a much better option than using methylcellulose.

Here’s how you make it.

Take 1 cup of cornstarch and 1 Quart boiling water, simply mix these two and you will get an instant fake cum.

By the time it’s prepared, it will go into powder form so you have to use it sooner.

How to Use Fake Cum?

Using fake semen is limited under acquired conditions. Once you have made it at home, now is the time to think about how to use it in a creative sense. Use your imaginations we shall say!

  • Cum Fetishes: Women who are fond of getting creampied often seek such types of loads all over their face from their partners. If by any chance you are not producing a heap of cum with your testicles, it is better to go with this recipe to satisfy your partner’s fetish. Granted it will be messy but it guarantees 100% satisfaction!
  • Squirting Dildo: Some women find it boring to play with plain dildos, realistically you could add some fake cum to spice up the game. Although it is not advised that women shall put this inside their vagina, it’s fun to see a squirting dildo, kind of evoke the shocking desires in a female.
  • Lubricant Purpose: Most people are not fond of making fake cum as a lubricant, but some prefer fake cum while performing anal sex. Many sex toy stores deal with fake cum supplies one which is safe to use and has no chances for any diseases.
  • Pranks: You can prank so many people once you have mastered the fake cum recipes. One of the guys on YouTube convinced people at the subway station that he’s got the semen on his clothes, pranking others would buy you views, as well as some people, could use it for their personal reasons. Like if a girl doesn’t want to meet some guy, she can put some fake jizz on her face and tease around.
  • Porn: To make porn movies, fake cum becomes very useful when it comes to getting the best money-shot! Some people are even taking selfies with dildos with fake cum on them, the cut scenes will only show these are fake. But if you pay close attention, it’s been decades since people were fooled by the fake cum and thought that porn stars shot such a zany ejaculation.

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Is it Possible to Cum Like a Porn Star?

Cum like a pornstar

It can be if you have a healthy body and your diet is up to the latest trend, plus regular workout is known to boost semen volume in males.

Some men are addicted to fake semen that now they started making more natural semen at the time of sex.

For men with low semen volume or who don’t know how to make fake cum, here is one of the real way to increase semen volume.

Volume Pills – Replacing Fake Cum Since 2018

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The reason for most men using Volume Pills is because of their feeble and unexciting sexual lives. Let’s face the fact that both men and women after spending a large sum of time gets bored with each other’s habits and gestures.

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Conclusion about Fake Semen and How to Make It at Home?

Dying or boredom? Here is a quick fix to your boring life, making fake cum is now very much easy and no one will know that it’s fake unless they taste or smell it.

It’s easy to make fake Semen using ingredients available on daily basis. The first recipe can be easy for most, but if you can’t get your hands on Methyl Cellulose, we recommend to go for recipe #2.

As men are trying to get to the solution of having low semen volume, some natural pills work for increasing internal semen volume.

The best supplement in this arena is called Volume Pills which has generated more reviews and long-lasting effects that men can only dream of.