Tips For Healthy Fertile Sperm – How To Boost Sperm Count?

Male fertility is a challenging matter these days, our diet and lifestyle have made us sexually feeble.

Not that we cannot perform well under the sheets but our sperm quality has been demoted lately.

Healthy sperm count is a hallmark of utmost male sexual potency where decreases semen volume or its fertile nature poses hurdles.

In a Study, it has been overlooked that nearly 43,000 men experienced low sperm count from 1973-2011 in the US alone.

Fertility is an important thing especially if you want pregnancy on a legal scale.

Having a healthy fertile sperm means a good and healthy family with your sex drive touching the roof ceilings.

Why Healthy Sperm Count is Important?

Healthy Sperm

If you are confused with infertility, it’s not just an issue rise in women. Men are infertile as their sperm lacks motility and potency to fertilize the egg on the uterus.

Having healthy sperm is important for males as it defines the characteristics of your baby and has effects on the pregnancy.

Studies done on mice identified that stress, obesity, and some other conditions pose negative effects on sperm health.

Being overweight makes you sexually weaker, this is also because of the low sperm count.

Signs of Healthy Sperm

A sperm sample when measure in quantity should be about 15 million or more for every ml of semen.

The More Sperm Count You Have The More Masculinity Is Left Inside You And The Better You Will Get Any Woman Pregnant.

Sperm motility is a common aspect that defines the speed and agility of sperm cells.

Around 40% of sperm cells need to be moving for the process of fertilization.

Sperm shape should be perfect, with round heads and long strong tails which makes them a good swimmer inside the female reproductive system.

Tips for Healthy Fertile Sperm

There are a few tips you can adopt to provide yourself a healthy and fertile sperm sample.

Eat Well for Healthy Fertile Sperm

Your sperm shapes its form by the foods that you eat, so eating nutritional foods is adjacent to having healthy and fertile sperm.

Nowadays, fast foods and ready food items like processed meats, dairy, pizza, and various snacks affect the sperm cells.

Those who consume whole grains, chicken, and fish as meat, fruits, and vegetables have healthier sperm cells.

Some Foods For Healthy Sperm Are:

Nuts: Nuts are closely linked with benefiting sexual health for centuries. Many studies suggest nuts have positive effects on sperm health and motility.

In 2018, a Study with 119 men found that a diet high in nuts over 14 weeks’ period increased sperm count by 16%.

Lycopene: Lycopene is what gives watermelon and tomatoes their original red color.

It has an exceeding amount of nutrition which reduces the reactive oxygen species most commonly known as ROS.

Always add 4-8 mg of lycopene in your diet to improve sperm count and motility.

Vitamin C and B12: Vitamin C is an antioxidant that has a fair share of male sexuality.

Vitamin B12 is obtained from fish and dairy products but only a certain amount of dose is required.

Both of these vitamins reduce the oxidative stress caused by the free radicals’ production.

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Physical Exercise

This one should not be overdone as light exercise improves sperm quantity movement and shape.

A 2005 Study confirms individuals with higher BMI have poor semen quality due to the lack of testosterone hormone.

This hormone is particularly generated upon exercise of other physical workouts.

Every day, a 20-minute walk with some pushups and dong house chores tends to increase few hormones in our body which are endorphins, dopamine, and testosterone.

Each one of them is associated with better sperm health and fertility. You can also do cycling to provide hormonal changes to your body which is good against lower sperm count.

Limit Alcohol Consumption

And caffeine too! Never forgets that caffeine consumption has a slightly negative effect on sperm cells.

In 2017, one Study confirmed with 20,000 men as test subjects that caffeine in soda and soft drinks damage the sperm cell DNA. This will automatically decrease sperm count.

In females, drinking caffeinated drinks or coffee can lead to miscarriage and raise the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Limit alcohol consumption as it leads to some serious liver-related disorders. There are a plethora of studies showing drinking alcohol lower sperm count and motility.

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Sperm Cell Boosters- Supplements

Only a few supplements are effective when we talk about increasing sperm count naturally.

Amongst those, Volume Pills is the newly introduced semen enhancer that has sundry sperm health-related benefits.

You could also use the following supplements to aid sperm fertility.

  • Zinc supplements for testosterone boost and low sperm levels
  • Vitamin C supplement for healthy sperm count and motility
  • Vitamin D supplements for testosterone and sexual improvements
  • Ashwagandha Root Extract is available in supplement forms which is the best natural herb fort sperm count and motility
Stop Wearing Tight Undergarments

This is on the point that wearing tight underwear and boxers is related to low sperm count.

To define the effect of tight undergarments, a Study conducted in 2018 shows men who wear loose boxers have 17% more sperm count than those males who wore tight briefs.

This is merely an external judgment based on no in vivo clues, only the sperm sample gathered by those men.

Wearing loose boxers tends to provide more supply to the testicles which are there to release sperm-producing FSH (Follicle Stimulating Hormone).

This can lead to a directly higher sperm count when there are no restrictions or tightness on the pelvic region.

Avoid Products with Chemicals

Some chemicals are known as hormone-disrupting agents which could be moving in the air wherever you work or live.

Some chemicals are termed hazardous for sexual health and this report has been generated by The Centers for Disease Control.

These are the chemicals that can destroy the sperm cells, semen volume, sperm motility, and shape.

  • Mercury in vapor form from industrial aerosol manufacturing also emits metal dust which is harmful to men’s sexual health.
  • Lead is found in paints, pipes in old homes.
  • Acetone is found in plastic dishes, packaging material, and normal construction materials which is disrupting male hormones.
  • Dibromochloropropane is found in pesticides and insecticides.

Factory workers should be alarmed about these chemicals as most of them are found in higher concentrations in factories or industrial workplace.

Some common ingredients used in soaps, body washes, and plastic material should be looked at.

The California states passed a new law according to which Proposition 65 which is requiring the companies to warn consumers if any chemical is used in the product which is linked with cancer.

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How to Make Sperm Thicker and Stronger?

According to the guidelines, some aphrodisiacs and nuts make the sperm sample thicker which means the cells inside are much stronger.

Dark chocolate is a natural sex drive booster that has immense benefits om sperm morphology.

Regular use of walnut in a specific dose not only makes the Sperm THICKER AND STRONGER but also boost sex drive and elevate sexual performance.

Zinc is the trace mineral which is also associates with improving semen viscous nature and its strength.


You can visit your doctor to check whether you have a low sperm count or not.

The doctor’s visit will give you an idea to change your diet or lifestyle. Some important measures that you can take are by adding some special types of foods to your diet and bring your physical workout into active mode.

Healthy and fertile sperm not only makes you a great father but as a husband or lover, it will boost your sex drive and a sexual climax which is what every woman wants from their partner.

Some OTC supplements like Volume Pills can be ordered online which is running as the top-ranked semen volume booster.

It contains possibly every ingredient that we described above is useful to bring back the sperm’s original health and fertility.