Kegel Exercise for Men to Last Longer and for Bigger Cum Load

Kegel exercise benefits sexually are remarkable because of which it became popular. Discovered by Dr.Arnold Kegel, kegel exercises gained hype for strengthening pelvic floor muscles n females.

Females after childbirth, gaining too much weight or because of aging develop weaker pelvic floor muscles which come with a wide array of risks. After some time, it was recognized by health experts that kegel exercises are as beneficial for males as it’s for females. 

Not just it improves the sexual performance in men, allowing them to stay longer in bed but it surely works for a bigger cum load

Does Kegel Exercise Help with ED?

kegel exercise helps in ED in men

It is true that Kegel exercise benefits extend to treat ED in men completely.

A study was published about the effect of kegel exercise on ED says kegel exercises should be the first line of treatment for ED.

To prove that a group of men with ED symptoms was formulated, after performing these exercises every day for 6 months, 40% of men experienced total eradication of ED symptoms.

The same study suggests that around 1/3 men noted outstanding bedroom performance. One of the similarities between the kegel exercises and the best penis extenders and pumps is they both improve the blood supply in and around the penis that makes it gain a massive erection.

While most kegel exercise doers do it because they want to empower the pelvic floor muscles that are the key to numerous health benefits. 

Are Kegel Exercises Useful for Cum Load?

A strong pelvic muscle gives you enough manpower to stay longer in bed, this is achieved by pulling back the load especially when you don’t want to ejaculate.

Weaker pelvic floor muscles aren’t that much stronger to stop you from ejaculating so when it comes to giving your partner the best sex kegel exercises boost sperm concentration, semen volume, and ultimate timings. 

In an open study where they claim the regular pelvic floor exercises could help 8 out of 10 men to gain more control over ejaculation.

Doctors around the world for this cause recommend kegel exercises for patients who have premature ejaculation problems. 

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How to Perform Exercising Kegel Muscles?

Kegel Muscles

There are different techniques to get kegel exercises done, this goes with the low-level flexes throughout the day or basic pelvic-floor muscle training which is a lot easier to do while you are at work, in a car, or sitting at the restaurant. 

The simplest way to do kegel exercise is to stop the process of urination in the midst, this is to identify which muscle you are dealing with.

Never allow the urine to backflow because it may worsen the UTI in case if you have any. Nobody would know around you that you have been doing kegel exercise this whole time.

The kegel workout goes with tightening the same muscles, hold the contraction for 5 seconds, and then relax for some time.

According to the Urology Care Foundation, it is healthy to perform three sets of 10 reps a day.

Kegel Exercise for Cum Load

Focusing on the Pelvic Floor Muscles more seriously will result in long-lasting timing and bigger loads in men.

For multiple orgasms, kegel exercise makes an exception by stopping premature ejaculation which is actually the weakening of PC muscles.

“Kegel exercises are like the core workout for your sex life,” says filmmaker and artist GregorSchmidinger, whose exhaustively researched Sex God Project explores all aspects of male sexuality. “It’s the unavoidable foundation if you want to have a stronger erection, last longer, and experience more intense and even multiple orgasms as a man.”

Here’s a four-week-long PC workout regimen for men that Gregor designed himself.

  • 1st Week: 10 sets for warm-up, contraction of PC muscles for 5 seconds and 5 seconds rest. Usually, with standard contraction there are 10 sets, also you have to contract the PC muscles 30 times then take a rest for a minute. Coming up next are 3 sets of flutter which is contracting PC muscles quickly and constantly for 10 seconds followed by 10 seconds rest. 
  • 2nd Week: Users have to add some exercise at the end of the standard routine. Contract the PC muscles tightly and hold for a minute, then rest for a minute too. 
  • 3rd Week: During the week three-phase, increase the time duration of the last exercise to 2 minutes. 
  • 4th Week: Add 5 sets of 20 second PC contractions with 30 seconds rest in the middle. 

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Kegel Exercise Cautions for Males and Females

Kegel Exercise Cautions for Males and Females

Health experts around the world do not recommend kegel exercise to everyone. It is in the best interest to consult a physician before getting practical. 

Not a good idea when you do kegel exercise frequently while urinating, as mentioned above the urine backflow sometimes could evoke a severe UTI or harm the bladder. It may also increase the risk of UTI and incomplete bladder emptying. 

Always follow your healthcare provide technique about how to do kegel exercises the right way.

Applying kegel exercises too much can cause muscle fatigue and it makes it hard for those muscles to react appropriately. 

Best Diets to Increase Cum Load

Zink for Increase Sperm Count

This isn’t the first time anyone is viewing this, hundreds of thousands of men lookout for the best ways to increase the cum load.

Well, bigger loads are satisfying to sex and this notion has taken most men using herbal supplements for enhancing seminal fluid volume. 

Zinc is the most element when we talk about bigger cum loads, men who ejaculate a massive load of cum usually take Zinc as the primary dietary supplement.

Or you can say they consume a diet with a higher number of zinc. For many years, males have been consuming the natural diet that helped them achieved harder and stronger erections.

But not anymore as most of our diet is replaced by trans-fat and chemicals which do not provide us the right type of nutrition. 

To increase cum load, a diet with Zinc is the best way to achieve greater muscular contraction during ejaculation.

This helps men to increase the seminal fluid volume by 500%. One of the supplement by the name Semenax claims the same thing because of the Zinc traces inside it.

Men in Africa have been known to eat nuts for better erection and bigger cum loads, ED isn’t an issue when you are taking a proper diet with the combination of healthy-fats consumption and a normal amount of exercise. 

Best Foods That Are High in Zinc:

  • Pumpkin
  • Spinach
  • Oyster
  • Lobster
  • Lean Meat
  • Pomegranate
  • Avocado
  • Nut

A glass of milk every day supplies a lot of water and zinc content to the body that produces semen on a larger scale. 

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Final Verdict

Always remember, when you have found nothing to work for a bigger cum load. Kegel exercise always provides benefits that you can notice in a short amount of time.

Don’t feel ashamed of performing kegel exercise as it is a hell of use for Pelvic Floor Muscles. These are the significant muscles in men and women that respond to sexual arousals, weaker PC muscles tend to works slowly, which invites a littler erection with less seminal fluid. 

Some men want to have quick results, so there are Volume Pills, Semenax, and other types of Gels which in combination with Kegel exercises could deliver fast results. The supplements help men to treat the ED symptoms and less cum load naturally. 

Whether you are buying pills to increase cum load or standard size extenders for penis exercise, the result always comes as elevated stamina with naturally increased blood flow to the penis.

As a man, if your cum load is questioned by your partner it won’t be a good idea to blame it all on the conditions. Excessive cum loads are the key to achieve ultra-grade sexual satisfaction and it is the one thing female like the most then they get kinky.