The Most Popular “Cum Holy Grail” Ingredients in 2021

THE ‘HOLY GRAIL’ OF SEMEN BOOSTERS – What vitamins increase seminal fluid?

Cum Holy Grail ingredients are everything men have been wanting for a long time.

Let’s admit not all of us can do justice with the money-shot which is why most of us end up searching how to increase semen pressure or how to increase sperm volume.

There is certainly not a shame to search for popular methods to increase the cum load. Ejaculation volume is the most meaningful aspect of sexual intercourse which even porn stars take seriously.

Holy Grail of Cum is the popular ingredients that increase seminal fluid volume from inside and let men aim to shoot the highest star!

Supplements that have all the cum holy grail ingredients will be provided in the later part but first, we shall bring the ingredients for bigger loads.

Here we have all types of vitamins for increase sperm volume covered and most of them are for nasty purposes, like inducing a massive erection and boost testosterone naturally.

Best Known Cum Holy Grail Ingredients

Celery as a cum holy grail ingredient

We all avoid eating celery when offered to us but in reality, celery is the gateway to attract females. How?

Celery is filled with Androsterone, a chemical present inside male sweat and urine that gives it a distinct aroma. Great levels of Androsterone tend to emit an excess amount of pheromones which women are attracted to.

Celery is a great treatment for cardiovascular patients and those with high cholesterol levels in their blood.

Eating celery increase cum volume and shooting ejaculation volume becomes vibrant. Celery Reddit reviews show it has positive effects on testosterone levels in men.

According to Peter North, a successful porn star, eating celery and pineapple daily is the secret to shooting bigger loads.

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Sesame and Pumpkin Seeds for Massive Loads
Sesame and Pumpkin Seeds

Slow prostate or prostate disease is the reason for lack of bigger loads, pumpkin seeds contain potential anti-oxidants called Beta-Carotene which prevent the chances of prostate hyperplasia or prostate cancer. Pumpkin is the best diet for babies because of the immune system boosting property.

Because pumpkin seeds contain a tremendous amount of zinc which is the key for bigger loads. Eating raw seeds of pumpkin improves the free zinc level in the body.

Roasting sesame or pumpkin seeds may reduce the zinc content inside. Every 100 grams of pumpkin or sesame seeds contain around 10 mg of Zinc which is enough as per daily requirements.

These are the types of food that help increase bigger loads and ejaculation volume in the long term. The reason for their effectiveness is they may have other nutrients and vitamins that combine with zinc and increase sperm volume while improving the taste of the semen.

Lecithin – Key Ingredient Holy Grail of Cum
Lecithin as a cum holy grail ingredient

Lecithin load in the body tells you are the perfect men as benefits of lecithin sexually are great in number. The compound is found naturally in many animals and plant tissues mostly in seafood, egg yolk, lean meat, corn, and soybeans. Lecithin decreases the chances of heart failure by lowering blood pressure and cholesterol content in the arteries.

During physical exertion, lecithin load in the body helps fight against fatigue and stress. Lecithin improves the intensity of pre-ejaculatory fluid that encompasses massive loads in the end.

Saw Palmetto as Testosterone Holy Grail
Saw Palmetto as a cum holy grail ingredient

Another name for the Dwarf palm plant is also known as SerenoaRepens. It is widely found in the US and other countries on the globe, the extract is obtained from a fruit which is known as Saw Palmetto. You can either eat the ripe berries which have the highest concentration of saw palmetto or simply make herbal tea out of it.

Like sesame seeds and many other ingredients that support excellent prostate health, saw palmetto is also known to reduce the occurrence of urinary tract infections and treat benign prostate hyperplasia.

Another vital use of saw palmetto is the augmentation of the testosterone levels. Saw palmetto effects on testosterone is the only reason why this ingredient is regarded as the holy grail cum ingredient which tends to provide harder erections and maximum cum load.

Zink for Increase Sperm Count

In 2021, every supplement that aims to increase cum loads, sperm pressure, and semen volume contains Zinc at some point. Why wouldn’t they as zinc is the only trace mineral heavily involved with testosterone secretion? Other uses of zinc are for skin, hair, the immune system, and many more.

Zinc is not naturally synthesized in our body so we have to maintain our daily diet with zinc content in it.

Zinc is the main part of the foods that boost semen volume which are:

  • Seafood: Crabs, fishes, shellfish, lobster, oysters
  • Seeds: Pumpkin, watermelon, hemp
  • Lean beef: Lamp and poultry meat
  • Legumes: Beans, peas, and lentils
  • Dairy products like milk, cheese, and yogurt
  • Eggs
  • Nuts: Macadamia nuts, almond, cashew, peanuts

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Arginine – Energy Supplier to Cum More

Apart from vitamins to increase sperm volume, arginine is greatly used to regulate the blood flow. You cannot ejaculate to the maximum extent unless the blood vessels are wide open, Arginine delivers an effect of vasodilation on the blood vessels that helps men to cum with bigger loads.

Arginine or L-Arginine is the outstanding male enhancement ingredient that boosts the production of nitric oxide to augment the energy levels. The absence of arginine in the human body could lead to a faster aging process where men started to lack sperm volume.

Arginine is the potent ingredient in the best sperm volume enhancers which are used to treat oligospermia, low sperm count, and erectile dysfunction.

You can get Arginine from the following sources.

  • Chocolates like dark chocolate
  • Lean beef or pork or lamb
  • Seeds: pumpkin and sesame seeds
  • Dairy products like low-fat milk, yogurt, and cheese
  • Poultry items such as chicken and turkey
  • Legumes of various types i.e peas, kidney beans, green peas, chickpeas, and soybeans
  • Sea vegetables like seaweed
Lysine – Last Cum Holy Grail Ingredient

Lysine is one of the important amino acids that can be found in animal products, just like arginine and zinc. The human body cannot produce lysine or L-lysine on its own which is why they use of lysine supplements is common these days.

Lysine delivers promising effects by improving energy levels, lower cholesterol levels, and maximize the semen volume. It is important to know that arginine and lysine should not be taken at once in combination because they block one another’s absorption.

The best sources for lysine are:

  • Lean beef and lean pork or lamb meat
  • Fish provide a higher dose of amino acids but make sure its tuna, salmon, cod, tilapia which are loaded with L-Lysine
  • Non-fat yogurt, milk, and low-fat cheese
  • Seafood like lobsters, crabs, octopus, oysters, mollusks, shrimps, and prawns
  • Legumes mainly chickpeas, soybeans, kidney beans, lentils, speckled pinto, white beans
  • Pumpkin seeds
  • Eggs
  • Nuts mainly cashew and almond
  • Brown rice with pepper
  • Tofu is a soy food that is protein-based and contains multiple amino acids and vitamins to increase sperm volume

Supplements with Best Chance of Having CUM HOLY GRAIL INGREDIENTS

With diet, it may take months to acquire bigger loads like porn stars. Supplements that are highly ranked may surprise some users with the effectiveness that comes from the natural ingredient.

We searched for above 100 different products used by men to have bigger loads and unlimited sperm volume.

In our list, Volume Pills and Semenax became the highly ranked cum pills in 2020.

Massive Cum Loads – Maximum Satisfaction

The natural composition of Semenax pills and volume pills contains the holy grail ingredients for maximum cum load as mentioned above.

Sperm enhancers drugs with Lysine, Arginine, and other chemical compounds are not recommended because of the side effects. Too much sperm production artificially could lead to fatal injuries related to the penile muscles.

A high dose of lysine in tablet form may result in diarrhea, stomach cramps, and nausea.

The best way to short bigger loads using a diet is by adopting the diet plan that we provided. Even if it fails to provide huge loads of cum rapidly, then you may start using Semenax pills or Volume pills brand which is featuring Tongat Ali, Ashwagandha Root, and Tribulus Terrestris without any traces of chemicals.

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Cumclusion for Bigger Loads

How to increase sperm pressure seems easier now doesn’t it? In 2021, we have a list of diet, exercise, and supplements to boost ejaculatory volume which is not associated with the hazards- not at all.

As a man, start using kegel exercise to accentuate the stimulation of the prostate gland, consume lysine, arginine, and lecithin in your diet, and surprise your partner by using the best natural cum pills over the counter.

Both Volume Pills and Semenax stands tough against lower sperm volume since they come with the highlighted cum holy grail ingredients.

[Be informed and get Safe from SCAM and HOAX]

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