Volume Pills – Best Semen Enhancer for Cum Like a Pornstar!


Women are perceived as the least demanding gender when it comes to sex! I mean what an irony?

What do this goddess-like creatures don’t want in sex?

They want a good size to feel us, they prefer penis rigidity for heights of pleasure, they want to ride us for longer and longer, and guess what?

They wish to see us cum like a pornstar!

Isn’t it too much for a man to digest?

A time-tested semen enhancer we fully trust and recommend is Volume Pills. What are Volume Pills and how can it help you touch the limits of sexual satisfaction, let us get to learn.


Volume Pills are thoughtfully devised to enhance your overall intimate experience while paying a major focus on the health and size of seminal fluid.

Volume Pills

A sheer example of quality, Volume Pills works in harmony with your body so that the desired effects with regard to the improvement in your sexual health, orgasmic power and performance can be naturally achieved.

Some qualities of the best cum pills, the Volume Pills are:

  • The Semen Volumizer introduces you to those leg shaking orgasms you have no clue earlier
  • Your body get to work with clinically tested ingredients
  • You can ejaculate 500% more than your normal semen volume
  • It breathes life into your dull erections so that they feel more rigid and run more longer
  • It is a  completely reliable formula that is manufactured in a licensed setting
  • Volume pills is a best-selling semen enhancer trusted by men across the world
  • It guarantees effectiveness with 0% risks to your health
  • It needs no prescription for purchase
  • Volume Pills has 67 Days Money Back Guarantee

It’s strange how women connect virility, romance and reproductive health with the volume of semen we ejaculate but little do we know that huge loads also allow us to determine the level of orgasmic pleasure we will enjoy.

That’s right.

When you are able to produce healthy volume of semen, you will naturally cum with more pressure because the manhood muscles will contract quicker, longer and with more power to drive the fluids out.

More pressure causes more pleasure, causing you to head to the ecstatic heights of orgasmic satisfaction.

However, producing healthy volume of semen is no cakewalk for all of us, neither do most of us get to manifest that exciting view of cum shots to her.

So what do we generally go?

Well, in most of the cases- we go with the flow.

Yes, we generally compromise on poor orgasmic pleasure and let things the way they are.

But is there anything that can be done naturally or say, how to produce more cum?

Of course, there is.

There are semen enhancers that are solely dedicated to boost the quality, quantity and health of semen produced by our body.


Quality semen enhancers are a compilation of natural ingredients working towards some similar goals- to strengthen your erectile functioning and enhance your natural tendencies to produce semen.

Semen Enhancers for bigger loads and orgasm

But their effects are not confined to the improvement in erections and increase in semen volume, but add to its quality to leave a major impact on your fertility too.

In general, semen enhancers deliver the desired results by ramping up testosterone. With the increase in testosterone, everything specifically your reproductive health refreshes.

Besides, semen enhancers also revitalize blood distribution especially to the genitalia.

As the reproductive area collects oxygenated-rich blood and in richer quantities, problems concerning the erections and sex drive begin to crack!

3 months customer results of using semen enhancement pills

The recipe contains some thoroughly studied aprhodisiacs, amino acids, herbs, zinc and vitamins that work in conjunction to revive your overall erectile health while majorly working for the size and health of semen.

Some promised benefits of Volume Pills are:

1) Emit 500% more semen in every shot

Volume Pills are mainly designed to multiply the volume, motility and overall quality of semen. If in case, your fluids measure below or slightly above 3 ml, we suggest you consider the use of Volume Pills right away.

If the manufacturers of Volume Pills are to believe, the formula can support you produce and ejaculate 500% more semen your body is currently producing.

2) Peak of orgasmic pleasure

Striking cum loads do not come alone but accompany the possibility of achieving breathtaking orgasms for you and your partner.

Now we’ve already discussed how heavy volume of semen makes the muscles (responsible for pushing the fluids outside the body) contract harder and longer.

As more and more pressure is built and for longer than the usual amount of time, you get to learn the true definition of orgasms!

3) Support stronger and longer erections

It’s natural to crave stronger and longer erections- I mean, isn’t it what leads to half of your overall sexual satisfaction and delight associated with orgasms?

Sadly, men deal with upsetting problems like premature ejaculation and weak erections that kill the essence of sex for them. But the ingredients in Volume Pills support healthy erections as much as these facilitate an increase in semen volume.

With that, you are promised to attain more from your intimacy and make love till the moment she pleads ‘enough’!

4) Enhance your performance through added strength and all night staying power

 Volume Pills supports your performance far beyond you think. It is an all-inclusive formula, the effects of which are comparable to any quality male enhancement available in the market.

In addition to fueling your reproductive health and its functioning on the day to day basis, the formula enhances your sexual performance by elevating your strength, power and energy levels at the time of lovemaking.

5) Heighten up your sex drive and desire

There are several things that take a toll on your libido and you begin to distance yourself from relations you have always cherished.

Volume Pills pay special emphasis on this area as well.  It enhances your sex drive and your ability to get stimulated.

It is thereby, Volume Pills is not sought for a specific concern but for a variety of problems like poor sex drive, fertility problems, weak erections and low sperm volume.

6) Boost confidence and inner-worth:

It’s natural to lose some level of confidence when you fail to please that special one in bed. Its okay if you feel she isn’t impressed with your performance much.

Just when you begin to feel harder and display those big cum shots, you will regain the confidence you either lost or never had.

Thus, it’s not your lacking or imperfections creating that wrong impression for you, it’s about not taking that right approach at the right point in time.


Healthy sex life of a man begins to turn upside down when his body starts to face and deal with the scarcity in testosterone.

Testosterone is the powerhouse hormone that keeps your sex life hale and hearty. It is testosterone that supports frequent erections, sexual stamina and the production of sperm for fertility and the level of orgasms you seek.

However, as the body’s efficiency in making testosterone begins to get disturbed, it starts to encounter problems in several healthy processes that were once a ‘norm’.

Volume Pills contain ingredients that stabilize the demand of testosterone with the supply.

It facilitates the production of testosterone so that your body needs not to rely on artificial means and methods to solve problems facing in this specific area.

Then there is another method through which Volume Pills work and deliver results. It refreshes blood circulation so that a better distribution can be ensured in the genitalia.

Basically, our organs need a rich supply of oxygenated blood to function and reproductive organs are no exception.

Many a times, the area is deprived of a healthy delivery of blood that results in poor libido, weak erections, premature ejaculation and the list goes on.

Once the supply of blood is put on a normal footing and the organs start to get what they need, a major improvement in the erection, sexual stamina, sex drive and performance can then be noticed.


ingredients and supplement facts

Now we’ve already learned how Volume Pills work and how effective it can turn for men seeking ways to how to cum more, now it’s time to learn about that special recipe based on those smartly chosen ingredients that make Volume Pills this useful.

Let us begin:

1) Zinc

Volume Pills is a source of healthy levels of zinc your body not only need for the making of sperm, but for the making of quality sperm. As a matter of fact, the dietary supplement includes zinc in quantity slightly above the recommended level as zinc can simplify all your fertility, sperm and testosterone related concerns through a smarter and more natural approach. [1]

2) Ling Zhi

Then there is Ling Zhi- the polypore fungus that is also known by the name Reishi. Essentially, the fungus bears great significance in the countries of Asia as it has been found to help with a plethora of problems like weak immune system and stress. The role of Ling Zhi in Volume Pills is to boost sex drive.

3) Emblica Officinalis

Popularly known as the Indian gooseberry, the plant extract is loaded with several Minerals and Vitamins including Vitamin C. While the benefits of Indian gooseberry are ample enough to mention, its key role in the dietary supplement is to contribute in the making of sperm.

4) Fucus Vesiculosus

Also known as black tang, the algae supplies iodine to your body and serves as a remedy for thyroid related concerns. As the thyroid activities are managed and improved, the body comes in a position to deal with obesity that suppresses testosterone and affects your performance.  [2]

5) Hong Hua Fen

We can never stress the importance of this Chinese herb enough for the health, motility and structure of the sperm.

6) Tian Men Dong

This is a root extract that is widely studied for its role in vasodilation. Vasodilation is a great process for strong erections.

7) Xian Mao

A time-tested aphrodisiac, Xian Mao gives you a better control on ejaculation and helps with the inability to get an erection.

8) Dong Chong Xia Cao

It is a great herb for the health and functioning of erectile. Some studies also hint towards its role in enhancing sex drive.

9) Ku Gua

 Ku Gua keeps the excess body fats at bay and with that, it becomes a great agent for protecting testosterone. Basically, an excess in weight works against the normal production of testosterone and being a man, you cannot compromise on anything this important to your health. Therefore, keeping your weight and fat levels under control is one important task that can be smartly done by Ku Gua.

10) 4′,5,7-trihydroxyflavone

These are some extremely potent compounds that have been derived from a variety of plants. As per research, these have their role in the making of testosterone and so in the betterment of reproductive health. [3]


In general, it takes few weeks to notice an improvement in the overall sexual health however, as more and more time passes, changes become more and more evident.

sperm volume enhancement pills

At first, you will observe an increase in your sex drive and thrust to involve in sexual activities and by the time you reach 8 weeks, you will begin to observe a significant change in the size of semen you are ejaculating.

As you progress to the third month, things will become pretty clear now. Everything from your semen, erections, performance and orgasms may have perked up against how these originally used to be.

Hence, give yourself the time it needs to change things for better. After all, natural methods take time but are sure to land you safely and securely.


The set of Pros and Cons associated with the purchase of Volume Pills are:

It is equally great for your performance and for your crazy loads
It has a 67 Days Money Back Guarantee
It comes in discreet packaging and buying in bulk facilitates you with FREE shipping
It is strongly supported by genuine users
It is a reliable brand that is manufactured in a legitimate setting
It is slightly costlier against other semen enhancers
It is not aimed for below 18 years
It demands patience for at least 8 weeks to show results
Is only great for the reproductive and semen health and offers nothing besides in the other health departments
There is a need for more solid evidence supporting the ingredients part of it

Volume Pills cause no major disturbance in your natural processes and is specifically designed to work in synergy.

It introduces some highly mild, but effective ingredients that are 100% natural to generate any complication.

But since it tunes your body to improve its production of testosterone, a sudden boost in testosterone can cause:

  • Oily skin
  • Breakouts
  • Hair thinning and so


The only genuine place to buy Volume Pills is its official manufacturers that assure the patented formula of Volume Pills with the promise to get you maximum discounts.

shoot loads of cum

And since the product is originally covered by 67 Days Money Back Guarantee, it’s good to create a direct link with the makers so that any mishap or queries pertaining to the purchase can be smartly dealt by them.

Currently, Volume Pills are available in the following packages:

  1. 1 Month Supply for $65
  2. 2 Month Supply for $110
  3. 3 Month Supply for $160
  4. 6 Month Supply for $250
  5. 12 Month Supply for $348.95

Volume pills are also available online for sale at stores like GNC, Amazon, Walmart and eBay store Worldwide!

Faqs About Volume Pills

Its natural to have questions about the purchase you are about to make. While we have tried covering all the basic information you need to know regarding Volume Pills, let us cover the remaining through FAQs about Volume Pills:

Q1: Who produce Volume Pills?

The product is manufactured and marketed by a renowned USA based company call the Leading Edge Health.  Essentially, Volume Pills is not the only product produced by LEH, the company is also recognized and appreciated for other related products like VigRX Plus, Semenax and ExtenZe.

Q2: Is Volume Pills FDA approved?

Yes, the product is manufactured in a licensed setting and is further approved and certified by FDA and GMP. This signifies its worth in terms of reliability and trust you need to have on the products of Leading Edge Health.

Q3: How long should I use it for optimal results?

No clear information pertaining to the time limit has been provided by its manufacturers. Though, it has been mentioned that it will take a matter of eight weeks to generate the positivity you seek in your reproductive health.

As far as our understanding goes, you can use Volume Pills for long as you want. It is a natural recipe posing no serious danger however, bear in mind that similar to any other dietary supplement, the effects of Volume Pills will weaken once you become regular or discontinue its use.

Q4: Can I stack it with other supplements?

Stacking requires a great deal of knowledge and we believe Volume Pills is enough to do the job single handedly.

Yet, if you are eager to try something in contrast and believe that its effects can be enhanced through stacking, you can consider the use of a testosterone booster.

Q5: Is there a FREE trial for me?

 We all know how companies trap customers in the name of FREE trials. Thankfully, there is no such game here! Leading Edge Health only provides money back guarantee that is a more secure and trusted way to get started.

Q6: What is the suggested dosage for me?

 The recommended dosage is 2 pills a day. Increasing or decreasing your dosage on your own will not do any good but harm to your health.

Q7: How can I enhance the effects of Volume Pills?

In order to add to the effects of Volume Pills, or say, how to cum more in front of her, we advise you to take your dosage ahead of encounters. By this, not only will you able to ejaculate crazy loads but will also tune up the power it takes to spit out!

Q8: Are the effects of Volume Pills permanent and lasting?

We wish they are. In fact, Volume Pills is not an exception in this specific regard. All the supplements belonging to the very category or aimed for other purposes have temporary effects that become weaker and weaker as you discontinue the use.

Thankfully, the product can be used for as longer as you desire with no fear of complications in the long or short run. As a matter of fact, this supplement is specifically recommended for a better control on ejaculation or fertility problems for extended use.

Q9: What if Volume Pills fail to please me?

Ask for a refund in a period of 67 Days of delivery. In a case like this, you need to present two empty packets to be entitled for a complete price recovery (and not the shipment charges).

Q10: How can I save more on my purchase?

Choose a bigger package and you can save more than you can save on smaller packages. To understand this math, have a look to the following packages offered by the company nowadays:

  • 1 Month for $65 (Discount $14.95)
  • 2 Month supply for $110 (Discount $49.90)
  • 3 Month supply for $160 (Discount $79.85)
  • 6 Month supply for $250 (Discount $229.70)
  • 12 Month supply for $348.95 (Discount $610.45)

You can always visit the official website of Volume Pills to understand more about the packages, deals and money back guarantee.