Big Cum Load – How to Shoot Bigger Loads?

Want to learn how to cum more?Discover the tips to Shoot Bigger Loads.

How to Cum More? Tips for Shooting Large Cum Shots!

According to the survey by the World Health Organization, the regular amount of cum men ejaculate is about 1.5ml-7.6ml.

Speaking of healthy sexual relationships, some guys want to shoot lots of cum which is another way of showing sexual intimidation.

Of course, large cum shots have an influence on the pleasure and performance of a male but this will also boost morale and self-respect. 

How to shoot cum is something else, having a huge cum load is something this article based on.

We will describe different ways for men so they can develop lots of cum and eventually improve their sexual lives in so many ways.

Did you know large cum shots are the wildest way to express sexual feelings?

Females in porn upon shooting large cum load get mesmerized which can happen to yours too.

5 Best Lifestyle Changes to Shoot Bigger and Huge Cum Load

lifestyle changes for Massive Cum Load

Only if you want to produce more cum, adopting the following lifestyle changes might be helpful. 

  • Ejaculate Less Frequently

One of the best things you can do to retain a huge cum load is by cum less regularly. For those who masturbates every day, regular ejaculation could harm the cum load.

You will notice there is less cum load generated if you regularly discharge over something. It is recommended to wait for 2-3 days before having sex.

The less frequently you ejaculate, the more cum volume will be available at the time of the climax. 

 “The more frequently you do it, the less time you’re giving your body to refill the reserves. Giving yourself a break of a day or two can help you get back to your normal ejaculate levels.”

 Dr. Jamin Brahmbhatt, Urologic Surgeon 
  • Limit Alcohol Consumption

Drinking alcohol is associated with decreased semen volume and sperm count. Some men with impaired sexual lives have the majority of those who drink booze every day. It has been proven by a Danish study that 40 units of alcohol intake had a 33% reduction in sperm count, their quality, and motility.

Alcohol drinking can affect the testosterone levels in men and this can also lead to testicular shrinkage which is the severe case where the body cannot produce too little cum. Alcohol drains the water from your body and put your body into a dehydration state. 

  • Quit Smoking for Large Cum Shots

Smoking is linked to decreased sperm count, claimed by a study published by European Urology. This also concurs the fact smoking affects sperm motility, the structural and functional aspects.

Basically, if you produce less jizz and smoking at the same time, do not be alarmed and simply try to quit this practice. 

Heavy smokers can catch some fertility linked issues which can be troublesome for their sexual lives. Above 90% of lung cancer cases are reported because of smoking so this bad habit needs to be stopped. 

  • Good Night Sleep = Lots of Cum

Men who use 7- 8 hours of sleep are the ones with impressive cum load in their bed. Sleeping 7-8 hours a day affects the sperm count and most men are over-sexual with their partners.

The secret is simply being more rested which is somehow the human body demands for extraordinary functions. 

  • Stress Reduction

The level of Cortisol also determines the sperm count in men, whereas in depressed and stressed out males the huge levels of Cortisol have negative impressions on semen volume and sperm quality.

To attain the big cum shot, lower the level of cortisol hormones, this can be done simply by counseling or look after the physical health. Exercise is the best way to perish the stress levels and for huge cum loads. 

Best Exercises to Produce Large Cum Shots

The exercise for lots of cum is nothing like those exercises you go at the gym.

Kegel Exercise Techniques For BIGGER LOADS

Some cum ropes and patterns of exercises that you should do are mentioned below. 

  • Kegel Exercises for Huge Cum Load

Kegel exercises are a great tool for men and women so they can build up sexual stamina. The best Kegel exercises for men is not only to produce large cum shots but it aids the penile muscles for which there are multiple scientific explanations available. [reference]

Here is how to cum more with kegel exercises. 

You need to take a grasp on the pelvic floor muscle which controls the urine flow. During the urination, stop the flow mid-stream and notice which muscle is being applied for. Once you have found the right muscle, keep doing it for some definite amount of time.

According to the study, kegel exercises is essential for increased semen volume and reduce the occurrence of premature ejaculation. It is about getting familiar with the pelvic floor muscle, the sooner you’ll find it the easier you will be able to regular the amount of sperm and urine. 

  • Physical Exercise at Gym

Exercising daily at the gym is basically the best thing you can do to increase sperm count or cumshots. Clearly, a healthy and fit body produces large cum shots than the ones which are not physically active. Bodybuilding or gyming has unique ways to boost confidence which has positive effects on sexual stamina, performance, and orgasm intensity. Men who are out of shape have weaker sexual links to their partner and also contains very less amount of ejaculation fluid in their testicles. 

  • Penis Pumps

Penis pumps are like the gym to your penis and the main answer to how to shoot cum like a porn star. It is backed by scientific evaluations which primarily being used to increase penis size. Some penis pumps have this prostate massage technique that supports the sex drive by building up sperm pressure in your cock. 

Penis pumps apply the traction force on the penis muscles which leads to girth and size enhancement, libido boost, and bigger cumshot. 

Best Foods for Huge Cum Load

Foods that Increase Ejaculate Volume

Some very usual and best-suited foods for large cum shots are:

  • Water: Drinking more water is the key to achieve a large cum load and better sperm count. Besides sperm cells, the ejaculation volume comprises of water and thus lack of it can be alarming. Not only drinking plenty of water boosts sperm production but also leads to ejaculation of heavy sperm volume. 
  • Fish: Fish contains omega-3 fatty acids which clearly boost sperm count in men. According to the facts, the good fat in fish improves sperm generation and its motility. You can also get the desired fat levels from other marine items such as Salmon fish, mackerel. For those who are vegetarian, eating seaweed or omega-3 fatty acid supplement is advised. 
  • Ginger: Ginger has a chemical called gingerine which helps with the testosterone level boost. The extract of ginger improves sperm quality and makes men cum harder. The study on Ginger shows it increases the semen volume by 36% and helps with sperm count by 16%. These are the great numbers and since ginger has no side effects you can use it for culinary purposes. 
  • Green Tea: Green Tea encourages lots of cum in makes. Drinking green tea has above 20 benefits which also involves improved sperm count. There is a major constituent in Green tea called EGCG which increases sperm production and lets men cum like a porn star. The secret is the prevention of oxidative stress that hinders the overflowing production of sperm cells. 

Best Semen Enhancing Supplement to Shoot Bigger Cum Load

Some basic supplements contain L-arginine, Zinc, Tribulus Terrestris are involves with the best semen enhancer in 2020. 

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Final Verdict

  • How to shoot cum?
  • How to cum more?
  • How to develop large cum shots? 

Questions like this, according to our approach have been answered with what we had for today.

Several penis exercises, semen boosting foods, and tricks could save the day and let you cum like a shooting angel from above.