5 Natural Supplements to Increase Sperm Count

Natural Supplement That Increase Sperm Count

The regular sperm count in men is dropping at an alarming rate which is around 50% in 4 decades.

The study and research were published by NPR which gathered data from thousands of men involved in first-world countries.

In this matter, Shanna Swan, one of the successful reproductive epidemiologist at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai in New York helped proceed the study advised NPR to consider this issue as a real problem because of its outcomes.

It is true that lack of sperm counts not only potentially cause infertility in men but linked to premature death in males. According to many studies, men with low sperm count are likely to develop cardiovascular and cancer-like conditions.

The reason for low sperm count in men in 2020 hasn’t been identified but it surely is associated with the exposure to chemicals and consumption of unhealthy diet for decades.

Some natural way to increase sperm count is either by consuming the solid supplements that are natural or increase sperm count by Food which we are also going to describe in a useful fashion.

How to Increase Sperm Count Naturally?

In this, we only enlisted the best names in the Sperm Count area, these are the ingredients that most sperm count enhancers are using in their formula.

Hard to find them in one bottle but we also have a surprise that might allure you.



Zinc is a precursor of testosterone hormone in males which plays an important role in sperm production.

Zinc deficiency leads to infertility in men which is also associated with diabetes and other conditions related to blood sugar levels.

Zinc affects the seminal plasma levels in males, as conveyed by one of the studies that utilize a Zinc supplement afterward.

Zinc supplements have been used to increase sperm quality, motility, and fertility level in men.

In studies, Zinc confirmed to stimulate the process called “Spermatogenesis” that works really well for men.

Maca Root

Maca Root

Maca Root is an ideal herb that was used in the Incas empire in the old days.

The old-time use of Maca Root improves the physical power and endurance in men which comes with a libido boost.

The plant exhibits some better sounding fertility mode that affects the overall sperm cell count.

The nature of sperm cells will be of high quality plus it is listed in the top sex drive boosting supplement of all time.

Bodybuilders and Hollywood celebrities use Maca Supplement for lean muscle mass generation and a surplus of physical power.

Folic Acid

Folic Acid

Folic Acid is also known as Vitamin B or Folacin which affects the sperm count when taken with Zinc.

To prove the efficacy of Folic Acid, a Dutch study done in 2002 described the use of Folic Acid in Sub-fertile men.

Each person took 5 mg of folic acid with zinc sulfate (66 mg) for 26 weeks consecutively.

After the study, most men from the group experienced a whole 74% increase in sperm count.

This also involved the amazing bedroom experience with their partners.



Ashwagandha is an old medical herb which on a clinical scale improves sperm count by increasing testosterone levels.

Ashwagandha has been put to different clinical studies, in one study men with low sperm count took 675 mg of Ashwagandha every day for three months.

The sperm count achieved by this was an increase of 167% where the sperm motility is above the chart that is around 53% improved.

The study was done against the effect of placebo which shows no improvements in male fertility.

In many sperm enhancers, the role of Ashwagandha is merely an adaptogen that helps the body to reduce the stress levels.

For experiencing sexuality to its fullest, there are certain negative aspects which men need to obliterate, the herb gives them a chance to cope up with the excruciating situations like this.



Fenugreek is a medicinal herb that is also being used for culinary purposes. A study of 2017 suggests the use of Fenugreek to boost sperm count, the secret was the extracted called Furosap which is essential for the male body.

In 12 weeks of the time period, the dosage of fenugreek was given to men in 500 mg. After the study, subjects felt a boost in their energy levels which is another way to indicate the high level of testosterone.

Which Volume Pills Contain 5 Natural Supplement to Increase Sperm Count?

There are a variety of semen enhancers that supports the sperm count, its motility, and normal secretion.

Choosing the best semen enhancer in this matter is important because not each of them works the same way.

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What is Volume Pills and How Does It Work?

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One of the great things about Volume Pills is there is no need for a prescription.

Volume Pills ingredients are the reason for this brand new semen enhancer to work.

The formula was exposed to the scientific communities about years ago and some researchers are still part of an ongoing study about volume pills.

Volume Pills works by increasing testosterone and boost the testicle’s power to improve semen volume production.

Normally, human testes produce only a small quantity of semen but Volume Pills provide a whole dose of nutrients that empowers the skills of those two to secret sperm to last longer.

Having more sperm during sex means you will get heightened sexual pleasure and not just this but also improves your chances to be a parent.

Men with low sperm count are unable to impregnate their wives and this secret has been disclosed by medical communities around the world.

Brands like Volume Pills are primarily marketed to those male specimens who want to be a father.

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Foods to Improve Sperm Count

Taking supplements means you are fulfilling the daily body needs of the Vitamin, Minerals, and Antioxidants.

But sometimes the body does not get them all. Most studies were done on the foods to improve sperm count mainly involves natural and nourishing foods.

How can you boost sperm count by foods? By taking the sperm-friendly food which has Vitamin C, polyunsaturated fats, and antioxidant contents.

Here is the list of foods you should not take if you want to increase your sperm count.

  • Red Meat or Processed Foods
  • Insufficient amount of polyunsaturated fatty acid
  • High level of saturated fats
  • Increased consumption of energy drinks
  • Low level of antioxidants
  • Consuming a limited amount of fruits, nuts, and vegetables

There is such food that can work like a magic to sperm count. Some diet modifications are required to improve fertility in men, for example, start consuming watermelon or pomegranate, these are considered the potent sperm count boosters.

Non-Pharmacological Treatments for Sperm Count

If you want to increase your sperm count naturally, start taking volume pills which will heal your fertility in days.

Some natural ways to increase sperm volume is by:

  • Drinking plenty amount of water which can lead to proper hydration
  • Intake of minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants in your diet
  • Reduce the stress because of the increased level of Cortisol affects sperm count
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Final Verdict- How to Increase Sperm Count in Men

Well, it’s not so hard to accomplish the healthy level for men as it may have some close-set of benefits.

Having an increased semen volume does not just affect the overall sexual experience but it improves the mental health of a person where some prominent life features are involved.

Medical communities these days emphasize regular exercise, stress reduction with reducing some lethal lifestyle such as drinking and smoking, etc. You can take the simple route and use Volume Pills for 3 months to see the open changes.

Natural semen enhancers or sperm count boosters are available in many qualities but selecting the best one is important because once you started using the supplement, you have to finish the course,

Volume Pills is the upstanding supplement to increase semen volume which contains the precise 5 natural supplements to increase sperm count.