How to Increase Sperm – Learn 5 New Tips to Cum a Lot [2020]

Semen count is the most important factor for male fertility; it is basically the average number of sperm cells present in each ejaculation.

Sperm cells are involved in sexual reproduction where they transfer from male to female and works by fertilizing the egg and form a daughter cell.

how to increase sperm count naturally at home
how to increase sperm count fast

The average sperm count according to the World Health Organization is 15 million sperm cells per ml of semen.

The lower sperm count means you may have fertility problems in the future, like 10 million per ml is considered lower sperm count range for which early treatments must be applied. 

The development of sperm cells can be enhanced by a special kind of ingredients in which antioxidant comes at the top since they improve the sperm count in a rapid manner.

Low Sperm Count Causes

It is hard to presume what actually causes the low sperm count as there are multiple factors which affect men’s system in so many ways, the major causes for low sperm count are:

  • Hormonal Imbalance- Usually known as Hypogonadism which reduces the production of sperm cells by signaling the testes.
  • Genetic Problems- Klinefelter syndrome is a condition where males are with an extra X-Chromosome. Infertility is the main outcome of the syndrome to which treatments are available.
  • Infections- Genital infections can have an impact on sperm cells; here we are strictly talking about prostate infections like Prostatitis and Chlamydia.
  • Undescended Testicles- As a child, you are supposed to have the tentacles at proper placing in the scrotum, in some men the testes are slightly misplaced which in future arise many problems regarding the fertility.
  • Drug Abuse- Drug abuse can cause low sperm count in men, drugs like cocaine, heroin and longtime use of morphine is associated with inducing suppression of testicle functions. Same with alcohol where its excessive consumption harms the health of the testes and kidney.
  • Medications- Medicines like antidepressants, anabolic steroids, and some antibiotics are the main cause of testicular failure and low sperm count. Tell your medical advisor right away about the problem so he/she can switch to you the safer option.
  • Varicocele- It’s the obstruction or enlargement of veins in the testes which hinders the proper functions and cause inflammation at the site.

Low Sperm Count Treatment

The treatment for low sperm count depends on what kind of thing a person is suffering from, each cause leads to different forms of treatment which are:

causes of low sperm production in men
Low Sperm Volume
  • Surgical Procedure: This is mainly prescribed for Varicocele where testicular veins are damaged or obstructed. Surgery helps to repair the damaged veins and can retrieve the sperm directly from the testicles in many attempts which is usually called “Sperm Retrieval Technique”.
  • Infection Treatment: Where infection is the main cause, several antibiotics can eradicate the infections, but it is hard to say if they can bring back your fertility.
  • Treatments for Problems during Sexual Intercourse: times where you cannot get hard or ejaculate prematurely, these 2 conditions are treatable with natural forms of medications/
  • Treatments for Hormonal Imbalance and Weakness: If the essential hormones in your body are getting reduced, doctors usually recommend therapy like Testosterone replacement therapy where the levels of your sexual hormones are restored and it can impact the sexual behavior as well.

What if These Treatments Do Not Work?

This is highly unlikely to not treat the fertility issue in men, in some cause Assisted Reproductive Technology treatment is offered where male sperm is taken through ejaculation and them inserted into the female genital tract to promote fertilization.

The process is commonly known as Insemination.

Additional Tips to Increase Sperm Count

Here are some easy tips following which you can increase the sperm count faster than normal.

  1. Physical exercise- Doing workout or brisk walk half an hour per day can help your hormones to stay stable and produce a sufficient amount of sperm cells.
  2. Sleep- Sleep deficiency can have dangerous impacts on sperm count, having quality sleep every day can improve the quality of sperm cells and hence your fertility
  3. Quit Smoking- Smoking is known to harm the health of sperm cells which also minimize them in number.

How to Increase Sperm Count By Food

According to the study, the sperm counts increase when a person loses weight.

Foods that Increase Sperm Count

You can say obesity is the reason why men face fertility challenges at an early age.

Whereas, your daily food intake also decides the elevation of sperm count and sometimes decreases it if you have taken restricted food items.

Here are top 5 most powerful foods which will help a man to increase the count of his sperm cells naturally, many of the ingredients available in the food are also found in many male enhancement supplements which work for the same purpose.

1) Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate is the powerful anti-oxidant and contains amino acids, which doubles your semen volume.

The free radicals are the enemy of your fertility which does lots of damage per day in your body, to overcome the damage antioxidants fight against these free radicals and promote the production of Testosterone.

5gm of Dark Chocolate is sufficient for increasing sperm count above average.

2) Nuts

Nuts especially Walnut is enriched with Omega-3 Fatty Acid which happens to increase the blood flow to the penile region.

By elevating the blood supply it can be pretty much helpful in increasing sperm count.

The sperm cells are multiplied when there is a regular intake of Omega-3 fatty acid, which is also available in Salmon fish, chicken, and other nuts.

3) Ginseng

Ginseng is a Chinese plant, the root of this plant is considered a powerful aphrodisiac in Chinese traditions as it boosts the level of Testosterone in men and enables them to perform with vigor during sexual intercourse.

Not to mention it treats erectile dysfunction with ease.

A cup of ginseng tea per day is enough or you can chew off the dried ginseng root which rapidly enhances the T-Level.

4) Fruits

Pomegranate, Watermelon, and Banana are the most powerful fruits to improve sexual health and to increase sexual performance in men.

Banana is known to increase libido in men and women both and is rich with potassium.

Their regular intake regulates the sex hormones and provides your body with a significant dose of essential vitamins such as Vitamin C, B1 and A which are known beneficial for sperm count.

5) Oyster

Oyster is the best source of Zinc, which is the main mineral for Testosterone production.

The production of T-cells is directly related to the enhancement of sperm cells which gives you an extra amount of libido and sexual energy. Studies suggest that a normal man should take 15 mg of Zinc per day which makes it 50g of Oyster.

The seafood is so rich, densely packed with zinc and sperm enhancing ingredients that allow you to stay fertile even when you are 60.

Medicine to Increase Sperm Count

Increasing sperm count does not require the medications of synthetic natures, because that’s what makes it worse.

how to increase sperm count and volume
Volume Pills Vs Semenax

The ideal treatments to increase sperm count are the natural supplements which contain the same exact formula your body demands on a daily basis.

Giving a dose of sperm increasing herbal ingredients every day can increase your semen volume hence sperm count at last.

You can see our comparison review of Volume Pills and Semenax here.

The selection of the best medicine to increase sperm count is quite important as there are hundreds of natural supplements available for the same purpose.

Here is the best supplement which we think is ideal for bringing back the heap of sperm cells and sculpt your masculinity for good.

Volume Pills – Natural Solution to Increase Sperm Count

Currently, Volume Pills is the latest and most customers endorsed brand for semen volume, which has over 130,000 users worldwide.

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Volume Pills

The formula of the Volume pills is completely natural which makes it considered safe, it also contains more than 10 different ingredients each of which is clinically approved to increase sperm count in males.

Men who cannot attain proper erection due to low sperm count and T-Level has been using Volume Pills and now they are more than happy with their sexual lives.

The fertility enhancing power in Volume Pills is dramatic which is mainly due to the powerful ingredients extracted from natural sources.

What Makes Volume Pills So Powerful to Treat Low Sperm Count?

The active ingredients in Volume Pills have no traces of synthetic mixture, neither the compounds which harm your body organs after ingesting the supplement.

ingredients in volume pills
Volume Pills Ingredients

Every ingredient somehow benefits your fertility with its exclusive effects.

  • Zinc

The normal intake of Zinc is recommended 10-15 mg per day, but in Volume pills, you will get 24 mg in every dose. The high level of zinc produces a plethora of sperm cells and increase semen volume in each ejaculation time frame.

  • Solidin

Increase pleasurable feelings by elevating Dopamine, a hormone for joy. When your mental state is happy there is a chance your body will synthesize more sperm cells in each sexual encounter. The relation of sperm count is with the secretion of certain neurotransmitters which in deficiency can cause muscle fatigue and low sperm count in men.

  • Drilizen

Improves blood flow to the testicles which is beneficial in secreting more sperm cells. When you block the blood supply to the testes they will produce no or less amount of semen volume which is totally insufficient.

  • Fucus Vesiculosus

Low sperm volume is connected to the high level of cholesterol where they cease to exist if there is a high blood cholesterol level. The herb improves the function of the thyroid gland and also breaks the fatty content accumulated in your blood vessels which further improves the blood supply.

  • Xi Lan Rou Gui

Deliverance of essential nutrients via blood flow is achieved by Xi Lan which supplies a tremendous amount of blood supply to the genitals and helps them achieve their proper functions.

  • Ku Gua

Known to boost testosterone and semen production by reducing the body free radicals. Ku Gua increases sexual performance in men who had a history of low libido, increased sex drive is the result of the maximum sperm cell count which helps you feel sexual quite often.

  • Emblica Officinalis

Provides an agreed dose of Vitamin C which prevents the chance of cancer in the reproductive system. This ingredient ensures the rigidity of blood vessels and inhibits their disruption upon external damage.

There are other ingredients available in Volume Pills which works mostly like the rest of the ingredients, but their synergistic effects are the reason why this herbal treatment really works.

How to Choose the Right Medicine to Increase Sperm Count

Choosing the effective medicine for sperm count is difficult as there are many in number.

Therefore, you should always check on the following things.

  • Customer Reviews of the product
  • Ingredients- Make sure they are using the natural ones
  • Check on the manufacturer and their profile
  • Money back guarantee
  • Side effects

Benefits of Choosing Volume Pills to Increase Sperm Count

  • Enhanced semen volume
  • Doubled sperm count
  • Maximum pleasure during sex
  • A significant amount of sexual stamina
  • Made from completely natural ingredients
  • Beneficial for mental health
  • Obliterate the free radicals which pose a prime danger to the sperm counts
  • No side effects reported

Where to Purchase Volume Pills Online

It is available at the official site, the maker of Volume pills have advised not to look for the product in GNC, Walmart or Amazon because all you’d find is the cheap and fake product available with their name.

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The official link is the only responsive site which helps you purchase Volume Pills with ease.

Final Verdict

Low sperm count is haunting a large population of men and making their sexual life like so much difficult.

Erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation are the outcomes of low sperm count, which if not taken care at an early stage can be permanent.

No man can bear the burden of the inability to satisfy women, which also shut down their confident nature.

Low sperm count treatments can be very much expensive, especially if you go to the surgical options which are not that much more efficient.

Using the natural supplements to increase sperm count is considered a lot more safe and effective option and they are available in very affordable price, which makes the best medicine to treat sperm count.

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