Best Foods and Fruits That Increase Sperm Count in Males

How to increase sperm count – Best Foods and Fruits That Increase Sperm Count in Males.

Having an increased sperm count is an important factor in male fertility.

Male fertility has defined the power and strength to bear the sexual pressure and keep on going until a woman reaches orgasm.

Usually, men are not strong enough to keep up with women but having a plethora of sperm banks in your penis makes it easier. 

What does Medical Guide say About Healthy Sperm Count?

According to the guidelines provided by the World Health Organization, regular males ejaculate around 15 million or 39 million sperm count in one sample.

Having a sperm count of less than 10 million per sample is considered a deficiency in male fertility. 

What makes your sperm healthy is directly linked with boosting sperm count.

Before going to know about how to increase sperm count or semen volume, we must look at the markers of healthy sperm. 

  1. First of all, sperm motility is the movement of sperm cells, their ability to swim to reach down the uterus, and involves in the process of fertilization. 
  2. Semen volume defines the level of satisfaction and amount you discharge into the female reproductive system. Normally, a man ejaculates 2-5 ml of semen per session which can be enhanced through healthy foods and fruits. 
  3. Sperm count refers to the sperm cells per ejaculation a man has. 
  4. Sperm structural size and shape make it an ideal sample.

Below we are providing a list of powerful or you can say super-foods and fruits to increase sperm count.

You can add them to your list for daily consumption and they are not hard to find. 

Foods and Fruits to Increase Sperm Count

How To Increase Sperm Count
  • Oyster + Pumpkin Seeds

It has come to our attention through a study done in 2019 that oysters and pumpkin seeds are very high in Zinc.

Zinc is the main member of mineral which initiates the production of testosterone in men and thus looking after sperm motility and semen volume. 

  • Dark Chocolate

Dark Chocolate has always been a natural aphrodisiac, but did you know it contains a large dose of Arginine? It’s an amino acid that improves semen volume during ejaculation. Men and women eat dark chocolate for a certain amount of antioxidants that their body needs. 

  • Oranges

Nothing can beat orange when it comes to having a significant dose of Vitamin C, studies have shown orange consumption is Involved in improving sperm motility count and physical structure (morphology). You can also eat the following foods for a heavy dose of Vitamin C. 

  • Cabbage
  • Tomatoes
  • Broccoli
  • Pomegranate Juice

Did you know Pomegranate contains Ellagic Acid which improves erection and healthy sperm count? On a clinical scale, pomegranate juice promotes testosterone and improves erection frequency. 

  • Salmon, Sardines, and Marine Items

Marine or seafood are rich sources of Omega-3 Fatty Acids which improves healthy sperm count and increases semen volume in a certain amount.

Some unique fish you can eat to cum like a porn star is:

  • Tuna fish
  • Mackerel
  • Salmon
  • Sardines
  • Herring
  • Dark Leafy Vegetables

Some vegetables like spinach, lettuce, asparagus, and brussels sprout contain folate which is also called Vitamin B. This is good for strong and healthy sperm cells according to the studies. 

  • Nuts

Nuts are a source of healthy fats and components which makes it a quick process to generate sperm count. 

  • Water

The body hydration system should be strong enough to create good seminal fluid. Staying hydrated before sexual intercourse is good for the climax. 

And while you’re adding these rich, healthy superfoods into your diet, you should also be cognizant of what foods to steer clear of, too.

Worse Foods for Increasing Sperm Count

Foods That Can Affect Fertility

Some foods that you should stay away from to improve seminal fluid quantity are:

  • Fast Foods/Fried Items

Fried foods are full of Trans-fat which are a cancer-causing agent as well as poses a threat to the number of sperms. 

  • Dairy with Full Fat

These dairy items with full fat contain a marked amount of Estrogen which lowers the healthy sperm cells. You can choose almond or soy milk at desperate times. 

  • Caffeine

Researches have shown that caffeine consumption on regular basis can lead to miscarriage in women, while in men it drastically lowers the sperm count. 

  • Processed Meats

These meats which are processed in a certain amount lower the sperm count and harm your fertility. 

  • Bacon
  • Hot Dogs
  • Corned Beef
  • Beef Jerky
  • Sausage
  • Ham
  • Alcohol 

According to the guidelines, it is okay to consume one drink per day. But a total of 14 drinks in a week is dangerous for male fertility.

It lowers the testosterone levels in men, kills the sex drive, and has negative effects on semen volume

Lifestyle Changes that Increase Sperm Count

It sounds easier but bringing positive lifestyle changes is difficult at first. You have to keep it on a steady scale without getting bored with them.

Foods, fruits, and supplements work later, but unless you haven’t brought any change in your living way, there is a chance low semen volume is not so far. 

Male infertility: The role of stress and other factors

Some lifestyle changes that improve male fertility, his sexual performance, and good for healthy sperm cells are:

  • Say No to Smoking

There isn’t lying about it, around millions of people die due to lung cancer where smoking plays a major role. Not to mention, in a study done on 6000 males, smoking constantly reduce sperm counts. 

  • Say No to Drinking

Alcohol drinking is injurious to sperm cells and the sex organs of men. The guidelines of the Center of Disease Control and Prevention says 1-2 drinks per day is considered moderate for men. 

  • Say No to Drugs

Drugs which decrease the count of healthy sperm cells are:

  • Anti-Inflammatory
    • Corticosteroids
    • Anti-Androgens
    • Anti-Psychotics
    • Some Antibiotics

Quitting the use of the aforementioned drugs can let you return to normal sperm count, it is also important to know certain drugs like Cocaine, meth, and heroine have also marked negative effects n sperm production. 

  • Stress

Stress is a libido killer in men which is defined as the sex drive men feel at the time of foreplay. It builds up a hormone called Cortisol in the body which is known to reduce sperm cell generation. 

  • Obesity

Excess weight is responsible for lower sperm count and lack of sperm motility. 

  • Soy Containing Foods

Soy is a food that contains a large amount of plant estrogen or Phytoestrogens.

This hormone is the antagonist of testosterone which is also not recommended for the male body.

So if you are taking soy related products like soy milk, soya sauce, and tofu, maybe you should look for a change. 


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