How Hand Sanitizers Kill Sperms? A Guide to Increase Sperm Count Naturally

There has been a lot of talks about does hand sanitizers kill sperms going on, while most people don’t believe it but Hand Sanitizers could be fatal to men sperm. 

The use of some foods and chemicals can also lead to a decrease in sperm count in men.

This is because of the Spermicides present in most hand sanitizers these days which are sperm killing contraceptives.

The best use of spermicides is to place it in a vagina to stop the process of fertilization or pregnancy.

Spermicides these days are found in almost any conventional products that we use on daily basis.

Here is a guide on how to be properly safe and some tips to increase sperm health. 

Hand Sanitizers and Sperm

Sperm cells are covered in a fluid called semen which is a composition of many active nutrients.

These nutrients keep the sperm cells healthy and protect them against the acidic nature of the vagina.

Sperm cells can be quick acting when in fertilization but they sure are fragile in the inconvenient type of environment. 

The long exposure to Spermicides leads to the decreased chances of pregnancy because they reduce the effectiveness of the sperm.

Spermicides are used to avoid pregnancy because they reduce the sperm movement by their active compounds which act as spermicides.

They also prevent sperm from entering the cervix in the step of fertilization.

Not just spermicides but many other chemicals kill the sperm, hand sanitizers contain methanol, isopropyl alcohol which is considered harsh chemicals to sperm health.

The same way hand sanitizers kill germs, that’s how they kill sperm cells if drank in a small amount or the frequent use of locally made hand sanitizers. 

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Can We Use Hand Sanitizers on Private Parts?

As we discussed, the main active ingredient in most hand sanitizers is Isopropyl Alcohol which is not a safe spermicide, therefore it cannot be applied directly to the vagina.

The use of alcohol is not safe for internal use. The use of hand sanitizers should only be limited to the hands, and not to the delicate organs such as the penis, vagina, or anal route.

The exposure of the vagina to hand sanitizers leads to a burning sensation and irritation which can be bothersome.

When applied to the penis, the skin on the top can be damaged easily. Therefore, the household chemicals cannot be used as sanitizers for the delicate boy parts. 

Household Chemicals Dangerous for Sperm Cells

Some chemicals found in our household shall not be used internally or as spermicides by females.

These are every type of vinegar, hand soap, body wash, bleach of disinfectants. 

After using the chemicals accidentally, you must visit a dermatologist right away. 

How to Use Spermicides?

Spermicides are another form of birth control that is applied in many forms. To use spermicide, the right way, simply insert the chemical formula deep inside the vagina as per direction.

The spermicide should be inserted into the vagina 15 minutes before a sexual intercourse so it will fit inside the vagina safely.

The effectiveness of spermicides loses after an hour so you have to do it within an hour. 

It is always recommended to wear condoms and protections against STDs since Spermicides do not prevent Sexually Transmitted Infections.

Females who regularly use Spermicides feel irritation in the vagina which can be risky considering the STI’s symptoms could be present. 

You should speak to a health expert about how to use a spermicide gel or other formula safely. 

Guide to Improve Sperm Cell Health

Diet and lifestyle changes surely have some prominent benefits on the health, but they act not the sperm cells gradually.

Finding a prompt solution for increasing sperm or semen volume is what men have been doing in 2020, fortunately, we have found an effective and natural solution. 

Volume Pills is the latest sperm increasing and fertility improving formula which keeps the sperm cells healthy against spermicides.

The frequent use of hand sanitizers in the event of a Coronavirus pandemic is so common which is why you should have an extra hand to boost the sperm cells. 

Volume Pills is taken as a dietary supplement to keep men sperm count to the maximum limit. Some recognized and well-endorsed benefits of volume pills are:

  • 70% Improvements in Sperm Motility
  • 80% Increased Semen Volume
  • Highly Improved Sex Drive and Bedroom Performance
  • Elevated Sexual Climax
  • Intensified Orgasm

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FDA Note on Hand Sanitizers

The Food and Drug Administration Announced the use of Hand Sanitizers can be risky due to the presence of Methanol.

Methanol is dangerous alcohol which has multiple hazardous effects such as nausea, headache, vomiting, and infertility when a significant amount is used on the skin. 

More serious effects of Methanol found in Hand Sanitizers are seizures, blindness, and damage to the brain.

Therefore, purchasing hand sanitizers containing Methanol is not advised, return it to the store and found the one without the chemical named Methanol.


Does Hand Sanitizer Kill Sperms? Yes, if it contains a significant amount of dangerous spermicides.

Our most household contains dangerous chemicals that cannot be applied to the penis or vagina. 

Conventional spermicides are the type of chemicals that are safe to use and does not harm the internal skin when applied to prevent pregnancy. 

For men, the use of Volume Pills can be beneficial for improving sperm health which is just opposite to the hand sanitizers killing sperms.