Sperm Taste of a Male – How Semen Tastes Like & Diet to Improve the Taste of Cum!

It’s a sign of sophistication to not talk about the taste of the sperm, to some people. But if you conceive something biologically, you can actualize the treatment for many things.

Cum swallowing or tasting sperm has been fetishes to some females who have some extra sexual demands.

This ain’t abnormal, considering a male specimen sperm contains a plethora of nutritional value.

Sperm is a seminal fluid through a male penis that is the reproductive fluid responsible for carrying zygotes to the egg.

The taste and smell of sperm can be influenced by different factors. Our diet, health style, and medications also affect sperm taste.

Semen Taste and Smell- What Are They Like?

sperm Taste and Smell

The taste of male sperm is slightly bitter salty, sweet, and metallic. Sperm is a combination of different fluids that have different compositions ranging from many tastes and smells.

The seminal vesical is amongst the main organ which is responsible for sperm ejaculation.

This is where many other chemicals are added to the sperm composition such as Amino Acids, Citric Acid, Phosphorous, Potassium.

The prostate gland is also involved in this case which adds the following material: Sodium, Calcium, Zinc, and many Enzymes.

The sperm taste varies from person to person, some men have bitter or salty sperm taste because of the alkaline matter in their system.

The sweet taste is because of the sugar while the metallic taste is mainly because of vitamins and minerals like the supplements you take as a dietary measure.

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Correlation of Health and the Taste of Sperm

Sperm or semen tastes different every time, but in some conditions like Diabetes, individuals secret more sugar into their semen.

This report was generated after multiple studies in which the conclusion was made several diseases or medical conditions could affect how sperm taste like.

Drinking alcohol excessive noticeably discharge bitter-tasting cum, same goes for the smoking where the traces of nicotine starts coming out in your sperm.

Some medical condition which directly affects the sperm taste are:

  • Dental Health Problems
  • Head or Spinal Cord Injuries
  • Respiratory Infections
  • Infections of Mouth and Gums
  • Middle Ear Infections

While some medical treatments could also affect sperm taste and smell. These are cancer medications or radiation therapy, antibiotics.

Some chemicals if exposed for a long time could harm sperm health and alter their smell such as pesticides.

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Diets to Improve Sperm Taste

Diets to Improve Sperm Taste

Some foods have a pleasant effect on your sperm taste, Pineapple is known to improve the semen taste better.

Bromaline content in Pineapple acts as an active ingredient which has a positive influence on semen taste and smell.

Some foods have also a negative effect on sperm taste such as broccoli, garlic, cauliflower, and caffeine content.

Strong-tasting vegetables are bad for sperm taste. Pineapple or Oranges are a great choice if you want to make your cum sweeter.

Active molecules in these fruits breakdown certain enzymes and amino acids that impact the smell and taste.

It is also advised to be hydrated to make your semen taste better. Consuming healthier diets are more likely to produce better tasting semen which can also affect your sexual climax.

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Swallowing Sperm/Semen- Is It Safe?

Almost every content present in the semen is safe for human health. Some minor allergic reactions have been noted in some people who attempted to engulf the cum of their partner. In the medical world, there is a term for it “Seminal Plasma Hypersensitivity”.

Infected semen could also carry some Sexually Transmitter Infections or HIV to the other person.

This is why people who are more active in these sorts of pleasure-inducing stuff must regularly undergo STI; s testing.

The risk of many STIs could be simply reduced if you wear a condom during oral sex, as suggested by different studies.

Can a Woman Get Pregnant from Swallowing Cum?

Woman Get Pregnant from Swallowing Cum

Just like toiler seat rumors, it is also a myth that a woman could get pregnant if she swallows it.

Just like every other food, the human body digests the semen and breaks it down into small molecules.

If it’s a healthy semen sample, it surely provides antioxidant benefits but it would never cause a pregnancy.

Some people are alarmed because they think the semen will pass from the digestive tract to the uterus.

The only way you can impregnate a woman is by directly ejaculating to the vagina. There is no such type of needs for you to make it safer.

What Makes Cum Load Bigger?

This is a different horizon from the sperm taste and smell. Some natural supplements like Volume Pills are onto the low semen volume issues.

You can buy them online or read about them before you order one.

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Final Verdict- Can You Change Sperm Taste?

Most sperm taste like chlorine or are salty, but yes you can have positive impacts on your semen taste and smell.

A hygienic lifestyle, a moderate amount of healthier foods with some special treats of Pineapple, and Oranges could add a little Xin to your Sperm Taste!

It is recommended to add more fruits to your diet plan which not only reduces the bitterness from the semen but also healthier for you.

Swallowing cum is not every woman’s fetish, but those who like to do it must have a healthy partner who they can ejaculate with bigger loads.

Bigger loads can be achieved by a healthier diet in which Zinc is mainly found, also natural supplements like Volume Pills could do their best to improve semen volume and how your cum taste.