Viasil Vs Volume Pills- Best Pill for Massive Cum Shots

Massive cum shots or cum loads takes more than a big pipe!

It’s about level with the demands of women who want you to shoot an endless stream of cum.

The way they see it is a sign of masculinity but what men perceive about cum volume?

To men, the massive cum shots they generate will be directed to orgasm satisfaction.

Having a massive cum load is a sign of a healthy man who likes to enjoy sex and let his partner enjoy to the fullest.

It’s not always the size of the dick that wins but the duration of orgasm and longevity of your erections.

Between Viasil and Volume Pills, we have to evaluate each of them and find which one is the best pill for massive cum shots.

Clearly, there is a male enhancement pill at one corner and the semen enhancer at the other.

Viasil Vs Volume Pills will take place in a form of article which describes the good thing about Viasil as well as Volume Pills.

In the end, we will conclude our discussion as which one of them suits men best for massive cum shots, which is our only motto.

About Viasil


Viasil is called a natural male enhancement drug that is made and marketed by different companies.

The formula of Viasil is not a semen enhancer but male enhancement formula which addresses issues like erectile dysfunction.

You don’t find the users who were looking for the best pill for massive cum shots using Viasil.

It is used for sexual performance and boosting physical stamina.

Viasil Ingredients

Viasil Ingredients

In some cultures, many ingredients of Viasil were used to boost male fertility. These are:

  1. Panax Ginseng Root Extract contains Ginsenosides in Viasil which improves delayed timing and promotes alertness in men.
  2. Pomegranate extract is a vital part of Viasil which contains polyphenols for the production of Nitric Oxide. Ever heard of mitochondrial energy? The compounds in pomegranate reinvigorate the major source of energy and reduce oxidative stress.
  3. Gingko Biloba is the best vasodilator for improving erection frequency and duration. Gingko is also used to suppress the anxious behavior due to poor bedroom performance.
  4. Tribulus Terrestris can do a lot from boosting testosterone to lowering blood sugar levels.
  5. Horny Goat Weed is thought to improve sexual desire in both males and females. This is done in a form of Icariin, a chemical compound that reduces the PDE5 enzyme in men.
  6. Zinc is important for male fertility and healthy sperm production.

Do Viasil Ingredients Get the Job Done?

We are talking about massive cum shots here, so Viasil does it or not?

You see, the only ingredient you will find in Viasil for semen enhancement is the ZINC, besides every ingredient is working for boosting sex drive and performance but none of them contributes to the real cause- which is shooting a big stream of cum!

Viasil Benefits

Viasil must be promoted as a male enhancement supplement but it has no positive effects on semen production. Here is what you can expect from Viasil.

  • Progression of erection frequency and duration
  • Better treatment for erectile dysfunction, low sex drive, and bedroom fatigue
  • Increased blood flow to the penile area makes it harder
  • Greater endurance level
  • Safe to use, natural ingredients are in charge
  • Long-lasting benefits from Viasil were claimed by the users

About Volume Pills

Volume Pills

Now that we are talking about the best pill for massive cum shots, Volume Pills is never skipped from the chapter.

It’s a natural semen enhancement pill that is designed to improve the male reproductive system.

In scenarios where men want to intensely satisfy their partners, Volume Pills works as the only supporter for the cause.

It’s a powerful supplement that ensures men will ejaculate more than 3-5 ml of semen volume.

If you produce less than 3 ml of ejaculation volume, there will be weaker erections and reduce performance.

Volume Pills is a renowned semen pill that asserts many medical grades health issues such as Low sperm count, low sex drive, and weakened erections.

How do Volume Pills work for Massive Cum Shots?

The idea of volume pills is to raise testosterone levels at first which has a positive effect on the blood flow. Every muscle in your penis will contract upon a blood supply which results in better semen production and pumps out more semen.

There are more than 8 different herbs in Volume Pills which maximize your semen volume and erection quality. Some results show that it would take around 2 weeks for volume pills to develop the whole effect.

What are Volume Pills Ingredients?

Ingredients of Volume pills
Volume Pills Ingredients
  1. Zinc Oxide in Volume Pills improves fertility and semen volume which is proven by clinical science.
  2. Drilizen is the main part of Volume Pills which stimulates blood flow and nitric oxide production. It also takes care of the bigger better and long-lasting erections.
  3. Solidin is scientifically proven to improve sexual life by strengthening the sexual neurons which look after sensory pleasure and leads to better erection.
  4. L-Dopa is the compound that increases the pool of Dopamine in the blood. Dopamine is the prime reason for increased semen production which also affects the mood of a person.
  5. Ku Gua is an herb known for having positive effects on semen production, this herb also replicates sexual desires by increasing testosterone secretion in the body. At workout timings, it can be really helpful to burn fat.
  6. Ling Zhi is a supporter of the immune system that alleviates the stressful feeling and improve libido levels.
  7. Hong Hua Fen improves blood flow to the penis which readily makes it hard. More blood is supplied to the testes to bring up the spermatogenesis game on!
  8. Tian Men Dong enhances sperm count and erection quality in 90% of the users.

Some other ingredients of Volume Pills Are Dong Ching Xia Cao, Rou Gui, Xian Mao which is known to support stamina and energy levels during sexual intercourse.

Hence, the best pill for massive cum shots!

Buy Volume Pills

Volume Pills Benefits

  • It’s an affordable semen enhancer with no side effects
  • Boost self-confidence in men for preparing for the intense orgasm
  • No occurrence of premature ejaculation ever reported
  • Thousands of satisfied customer’s reviews
  • Brings up the libido and sexual performance
  • Increase semen production and improve bigger loads
  • You will receive 67 days’ money-back guarantee in which you can claim your refund if the supplement didn’t work

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Volume Pills is Used by Porn Stars for Massive Cum Shots!!!

Cum like a pornstar

There is no secret about using supplements in the porn industry, many porn stars use volume pills for bigger loads.

Some porn stars call it their secret weapon which keeps on giving them an unlimited amount of fame.

Volume Pills is the only effective enough semen enhancer which has beaten other reputable brands and chosen by porn stars.

You can say the most popular way to market semen booster is to introduce it in the porn industry, if it’s good enough it will be endorsed and earn you a fortune.

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Viasil Vs Volume Pills Side Effects

One of the best things about both Viasil and Volume Pills is there are no side effects.

The brands are using 100% natural formula which meets the requirement of sexual well-being.

Viasil can only affect a small part in semen production whereas it is supportive against poor bedroom performance.

Volume Pills have marked effects on semen volume without creating negative effects.

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Viasil Vs Volume Pills Availability- Can You Find Them Over the Counter?

Unfortunately, Viasil and Volume Pills are available on the official site only. Not to mention that Viasil and Volume Pills are from the reputable companies who have given their website link for the customers.

Purchasing them over the counter might be a bad idea as none of these can be found at Walmart, GNC, Amazon, Walgreens, or CVS.


Conclusion- Winner: Volume Pills

Of course, Volume Pills is the winner, and what else?

Why we have chosen volume pills as the winner for the best pill for massive cum shots? Because of the high demands by the customers, thousands of satisfied users reviews, and that the ingredients never cease to amaze sex experts.

There is no shame in shooting a bigger load at the time of the climax that strikes you as a gentleman and wild beast.

For your partner, you can be anything if you chose the right supplement to aid sexual desire and performance.

Viasil Vs Volume Pills comparison led us to the only semen enhancer in the town that works for massive cum shots, and that’s Volume Pills!