How Many Times Can a Man Ejaculate in a Day? Guide to Improve Your Sex Life

If you want to know how many times a man ejaculate in 24 hours, never ask this to a friend. For the sake of making a conversation, a person would tell you that he can ejaculate 5-8 times like it’s a championship of the dickheads! This is a serious thing to discuss but men find it alluring for certain reasons.

Ejaculation in 24 hours depends on many things which we will define once we are done with the mechanics of the ejaculation process.

What Happens When a Man Ejaculate?

Man Ejaculation anatomy

It will only take a book to detail the facts that happen during the process of ejaculation. But let’s make it simple and short, when a male is aroused sexually his brain signals the whole body that it’s time for action.

The blood flow goes to the penile muscles making them sponge-like so does the erection occurs. In this path, Corpora Cavernosa plays an important role by causing a proper erection.

Once the erection is attained, it’s time for the transfer of sperm through the Vas Deferens, a duct that sends sperm from the testicles to the urethra.

The contraction of penile muscles later is why men feel a signal of pleasure and that’s the endpoint of the ejaculation.

Now, before the same process can go over again, a man needs a minimum of half an hour to recover. Some men take longer than that while the rare population finds it harder to get their hard-on for the 2nd time.

How Many Times a Man Can Ejaculate?

Man Ejaculates

This has been shown by a great number of studies that only about 10% of the male population can ejaculate multiple times. These are the men whose in-between times for them to be sexually active again is around 20 minutes or half an hour. 

This raised a question amongst scientific communities that what makes these men have multiple orgasms? This was shown by another study which stated that men with lower levels of Prolactin are the ones who are multi-orgasmic.

How does prolactin help with multiple orgasms? The low levels of prolactin after an orgasm allows these men to reserve some sperm back for a 2nd or 3rd climax.

A surprising fact about multiple ejaculations says that a man can have multiple orgasms when he switches women.

This can only be achieved through a mental fantasy where most men think about their wildest experiences even though they are with their partner.

It’s a general thing to do but do not attempt to forget about your partner’s desires and needs.

Another way for a man to have multiple ejaculations is when he has a partner who can stimulate his prostate and anus area.

This is the part of a male’s body that is highly sensitive to the touch of others and makes them cum like a porn star.

There is a spot between the anus and the testicles called Perineum which will get a man to go for another ride.

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Times a Man Ejaculate in 24 Hours Depends on Refractory Period

The down period is known for the phase after ejaculation, in this phase, the penis remains erect but you won’t be able to discharge anymore. This is called the refractory period which varies from a person to person.

For a normal man, this refractory period is 30 minutes to 60 minutes long or sometimes it takes even days. Throughout your life, the refractory period changes which depend upon the diet and physical exercise you do for the improvements.

However, in the majority of cases, the time between erection and ejaculation is out of control.

Can You Have an Orgasm without Ejaculation?

It is possible that some men can orgasm without ejaculating, while some can ejaculate multiple times without reaching orgasm.

When we talk about orgasm, it involves a series of muscular contraction while increasing heart rate, blood pressure, sensitivity, and sensations. This is the first phase where a person feels extremely excited after which it is head towards ejaculation.

Ejaculation is the process in which the body releases the stored semen, in this phase the body also releases different types of neurotransmitters which send the body to the refractory phase after coming.

It is possible if you tend to increase or intensify any of these, it will result in increasing both at the same time.

Get Help from Viagra and Male Enhancers

For men and their sexual behavior, there are outstanding classes of drugs that help them to achieve multiple orgasms and confidence under the sheets.

Male enhancers are not for the bigger penis but they have mainly been used to intensity the bedroom performance as well as the semen volume.

Of course, when you have a large pool of semen the sensations will be heightened. Drugs like Viagra have been used by millions of men for delayed timing and this also won’t pose any benefit on how many times a man ejaculates in 24 hours.

Some complaint about Viagra that it is causing vision loss in some people while some experts suggest it makes the cardiovascular risk even worse.

Not just Viagra, natural male enhancement pills like Volume Pills claim to enhance the bedroom performance and enable men to have multiple orgasms.

Never forget to as the doctor about your condition if you are somehow sexually feeble, he might just get you multivitamins which may fix the problem.

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Natural Ways to Improve Sex Life

couple having breakfast

There are always harmless ways to improve your sex life without using drugs or male enhancement medications. A healthy diet, regular exercise, and sex-related exercises i.e. kegel exercises can be your gateway for reducing sexual stress and deal with orgasm issues.

Foods that are aphrodisiac considered beneficial for multiple orgasms. This involved bananas, avocados, and coconuts.

Another food is garlic that helps with increasing the blood flow and that’s what helps with the erection and orgasms.

If you are dealing with psychological stress, make sure to overcome the stress before it will harm your personal relationship with your partner.

To avoid the personal life crisis and hectic job routine, learn how to meditate, this will help you relax a little by adding good hormones to your system which battles the Cortisol *stress-inducing hormone*.

Every day, if you meditate for 10 minutes it will help you get the proper sleep and calms the perplexing things in your mind.

Remember your sexual life is linked to the life routine that you get every day that may be trying to strangling your manhood or free you from the stress for good.

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Tips to Ejaculate Multiple Times

If you want to ejaculate more than once in 24 hours, you got to build up some stamina so you can achieve this.

  • Practicing Kegel exercise is learning how to command the pelvic floor muscles, the result is a strengthened bladder, penis, and groin. The increased blood pressure to the muscles will enhance sensation and reduce the refractory period that allows you to come more than twice in a row. One way to perform kegel exercise is to hold on to urine mid-stream for 20 seconds and reappear the same procedure several times.
  • Holding off on masturbation is another trick to retain the sensation and pleasure. If you expect a mesmerizing session with multiple orgasms, try to hold off with ant masturbation for at least 3 days.  The more tension you build up in your testicles will help you come multiple times.

Final Verdict

If you can come more than once, this means you can prolong sexual activity. Some tips and tricks have been provided above to make the sexual encounter longer without forcing yourself to ejaculate multiple times.

Eat healthy, maintain a moderate exercise plan and keep doing kegel exercises for what they work for sure.

In case you want to add some more reserve to your semen bank, use Volume Pills, natural male enhancement for men to cum more.