9 Approved Ways for Stronger, More intense Orgasm

There is no difference between climax and coming, the terms are different but they show the same picture.  A healthy man ejaculates after taking a long while that is connected to his brain.

Extreme orgasms are something very hard to find these days, the era of poor diet and lifestyle is making men premature ejaculate at the time of sexual intercourse.

Assessing orgasm is measuring the level of pleasure one had while sex. A stronger orgasm or climax is something every man after but those cannot appear in an instant. 

According to many neuroscientists, an orgasm is a reflexive condition that doesn’t vary in terms of physiology. It’s a series of contraction and intense contraction that depends on the point of stimulation.

Now, some ways are known to improve these points of stimulation which gives orgasm an intense and strong nature. 

To control the intensity of orgasms, there aren’t many scientific studies available but the ancient ways are still potent.

Like using some Chinese herbs i.e. Ginseng is known to cause aphrodisiac effects and intense orgasm which is by nature caused by increased semen volume.

Stronger and more intense orgasms are dreamlike and it’s not bad to have one. People answered about their orgasms based on their perspective which is many so you can’t say everyone achieves the same level of orgasm. 

What Makes Orgasm Stronger and More Intense?

According to the theories on male orgasm, two questions suffix the aspects of the orgasm experience. 

Some men say it’s a neutral state which almost feels like a climax, but this doesn’t occur with the proper pelvic contraction to which the reason is not known yet.

A stronger and more intense orgasm is sometimes reflecting the emotional content in a person like feeling emotional at the time of foreplay or after a long-distance relation brings those kinds of intimacies.

Research says it’s a healthy way to ejaculate for men which pose health-boosting effects on the brain. 

The orgasm experience changes with the context around, however haven’t been tested in a large group of population. But changing the situation for one’s sexual experience is the altering point for his/her orgasm. 

Our brain is the key player in bringing up the orgasm feelings, so the experts advise to avoid practices like dripping hot wax on your or partner’s chest between edging and meditating.

The brain has to generate the orgasm anyway but it all depends on the subjective part of the orgasm which is provided to the brain by the external stimuli, so you have to think hard before hitting a totally different point while things running smoothly. 

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9 ways Men Can Have Stronger, More Intense Orgasms

You may have seen articles bragging about different ways to achieve a stronger orgasm. There is no other better way than Self Control but still, some harmless but helpful ways could turn your sexual life around for a while. 

Ignite the Foreplay:

Foreplay is the key to achieve a stronger, more intense orgasm and this applies to both men and women.

This study was done in the Journal Hormones and Behavior which shows that an increased amount of Oxytocin helped couples to have simultaneous and intense orgasms.

Oxytocin is a love drug that is produced naturally inside the human body upon sexual arousal.

There are no supplements that can aid Oxytocin’s production, only foreplay involves cuddling, hugging, kissing and other bonding activities are just enough.

The more bonding and emotional attachments you have with your partner, the stronger and more intense orgasm you are going to achieve. 

Edging Technique:

Mastering delayed ejaculation takes some skills but once you learn it, sex will never be the same! 

In the Journal of Sex Research, a study was published saying that “Edging” is the technique men should learn to practice delayed orgasm.

This is the ultimate key to the more intense orgasm as it worked on 90% of subjects in the study.

In the process, you have to slow down for a while to push back the cum pressure and induce an eventual orgasm which will be more powerful. 

Kegel Exercises:
kegal exercise for intense Orgasm

Every man wants to have multiple orgasms which get them excited, it’s all about some special type of muscles that helps you master that skill.

Certain kegel exercises help men and women to master their pelvic floor muscles and engage in many types of orgasmic perks.

Guys can perform kegel exercise by stopping the normal flow of urine while putting a warm towel on the erect penis also supports the kegel muscles. 

Your Breathing Patterns Affect Orgasms:

Proper breathing is good for your sex life, breathing deeply helps with the engagement of the pelvic floor muscles by which they get proper contraction and blood circulation.

This will make them energetic at the time of sexual intercourse and result in quality, more intense orgasms. 

Look After Testosterone Levels:

Testosterone is the rooting hormone for your climax, sperm quality, and semen volume. This is the same hormone that makes you sexually active men who can lift the weight and grow a beard in a week or two. 

Research says the more testosterone you have in your bloodstream, the stronger and more intense orgasm is what you will get. It’s a healthy tactic to boost testosterone by certain exercises or eating a T-Boosting Diet.

Reduce Your Refractory Period:

Normally, guys want to go for one more round after an intense orgasm but this thing is not possible physically.

It takes sometimes for the penis to attain an erection and this period is called the Refractory period where you are no longer in a state to have an erection.

Sex with Emily podcast narrated this thing very smartly, according to Emily the Refractory Period is different for every man and it can last from minutes to a whole day.

The best way to lessen the refectory period is by increasing arousal which can be anything like talking dirty or role-play.

Some small changes may be just enough to run your engine again for round two! 

Lowering Blood Pressure:

Men who have high blood pressure do not last for much longer, lowering blood pressure is good for the health and it keeps your sexual life moderate.

High blood pressure is involved with the damaging penile muscles which results in difficulty to maintain an erection.

Hypertension or high blood pressure according to many studies reduces sexual arousal, semen volume, and ejaculation time. 

Using Sex Toys:
sex toys for more intense Orgasm

Sex toys like vibrators are meant to provide you orgasms, moreover, they increase the intensity of the orgasm regardless of your being alone or accompanied says Jess O’Reilly, Ph.D., host of the @SexWithDrJess Podcast. A man can achieve an intense and stronger orgasm by stimulating the Prostate while the female G-Spot is the key for achieve an intense climax. 

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Supplements for Stronger, More Intense Orgasms:

Sex tonics are of many types, for example, adding a little bit of saffron into the glass of milk release the extra heat from the body.

This is also an aphrodisiac used by ancient people to clutch up sexual desires. Modern days have male enhancement supplements of various types which are both natural and artificial.

Some Sex tonics or male enhancement formula could take you to the spin where you can produce a lot of cum and yields to the STRONGER & MORE INTENSE ORGASMS finally. 

Final Verdict:

The idea to achieve an ultra-stronger, more intense orgasm is derived from the complex way of stimulation.

Every nerve to the brain carries different stimulation which depends on the level of context you are providing, sex toys, and porn stuff can cause early arousal and adds power to the orgasm. 

Some people need to stay cautious since orgasm is a physical reflex that can first time affect the new areas of stimulation, so every path you chose maybe a new one which can result in a different type of sensation.

For those whose orgasms are at the same level but apply the aforementioned 9 ways to get a stronger and more intense orgasm. 

Using sexual tonics or supplements works at times but do not rely on the external forces to give you a harder and intense climax.

It’s about the natural tendency you can hold onto before ejaculating all on your partner, reducing refractory period, edging technique, and keeping a healthy diet to boost testosterone could add a significant amount of difference to your cum unloading.