Volume Pills Customer Reviews

Volume Pills – A brief Customer Review, Before and After Results

There are plenty of Male Enhancing pills available in the market to treat the sexual issues in men.

A male enhancement product is supposed to help men with sexual issues they experience on a daily basis.

Some men tend to have a low sperm count, which directly affects their orgasm time and leads to unsatisfying sexual intercourse.

Having less semen volume is an alarming sign for men’s health which is why it is mandatory to seek an extra hand which can solve this issue.

Volume Pills

Volume pills are the perfect combination of herbal elements which are used to enhance the quality and quantity of your semen.

The increased amount of semen leads to an intense sexual climax, which is demanded by everyone these days.

The product is sold by one of the admirable supplement dealers Edge Health which has an extensive 15 years of experience in the supplement industry.

With the help of Volume pills you won’t only increase the potency of your sperm, but also can finish like a porn star!

Yes, we are talking about the ejaculating process which in many cases were same as leaking very small amount of fluid.

Volume pills can make the amount of your ejaculating fluid enhanced and more noticeable.

Men with fertility issue all around the world have taken Volume Pills are now very much happy with their sexual lives and the happy ending in sex.

Backed by multiple clinical studies, Volume pills can help men with erectile dysfunction issue, premature ejaculating and even to stimulate vigorous orgasm your partner has ever seen.

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How do Volume Pills work?

The mechanism of action of Volume Pills includes the stimulating of Testosterone, A male hormone which is responsible to induce rock hard erection that also improves the production of Semen.

how volume pills work

When the level of Testosterone rise in your body, it will affect the semen health and ejaculation volume, which leads to a powerful and massive orgasm which you’ve never experienced.

Androgenic Hormone-like Testosterone is required by the male body on a daily basis to keep their physique properly nourished and their mind with the full sense of well-being.

Benefits to the Customers

  • About 500% increase in Semen Production (Unlike any other Male Enhancing Supplement)
  • Rock hard Erection
  • Immense sexual joy
  • Keeps your reproductive system healthy and well maintained
  • Improves Sexual Intimacy
  • Make you CUM like a PornStar!
  • No Side effects
  • 100% Natural formula

Testosterone deficiency may cause conditions like premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction and in some cases Infertility.

What Volume Pills makes sure of that your body gets a proper dose of this essential hormone so your sexual life will remain active without any trouble.

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Ingredients of Volume Pills

The list of ingredients contains various ingredients which are 100% natural and safe for use.

Every ingredient in Volume Pills has an extensive clinical data to enhance men’s sexuality in several ways.

These include

1. Solidin-

Works by improving the sense of joy in normal person. The ingredient is proven to increase the secretion of DOPAMINE which is a neurotransmitter responsible to induce happiness which somehow greatly influence sexual satisfaction.

2. Ku Gua-

A Chinese herb used for many centuries to increase sexual desire and semen production in men.


Increase blood flow to the genitals which results in harder and stronger erection. The herb is also known to increase the size of your penis by expanding the penile muscles.

4. Drilizen-

Stimulate the production of Testosterone indirectly by elevating the secretion of luteinizing hormone which is a precursor of Testosterone.

5. Xian Mao-

An aphrodisiac herb that induces strong erection for a long period of time.

6. Zinc Oxide-

Zinc Oxide according to many clinical studies, stimulates the level of Testosterone by decreasing estrogen level in the male body. It also increases libido by the increasing amount of blood in the penis which makes a person wants physical contact.

7. 4, 5, 7 TriHydroxyflavone-

Works by strengthening the interior vessels of your reproductive system and improves the health of sexual organ for the long term.

8. San Guo Mu-

Give you control over erections during sex. It ideally improves the stamina level which is required to sustain the sexual performance.

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After extracting data from plenty of websites, we found that about 98% users who tried Volume Pills are more than happy with the results.

Not us, but the reviews tell you the same story.

customer reviewI’m 21 years old and used Volume Pills for some months. I must say the product really does what it says which is to increase the semen volume 500%.

I was sexually weak before and I needed a solution that will make me cum like someone having a 10-inch penis.

Although the size of my penis isn’t affected, however the stamina I have now is something I have really been wishing for. Plus the joy it brings to you is something you really want to give a try.

Orren- Manchester


Testimonial 2Been using Volume Pills for just 3 weeks and believe me, I experienced the effects from the very first day.

I couldn’t recognize myself anymore because of the intense amount of load I have been carrying with me.


The orgasms are not like before, but with a serious experience of pleasure and joy combined.

As a natural treatment for increasing semen volume, Volume Pills is the best product you can get at such an affordable price.

Ivan Garcia- Manhattan


Testimonial 3One thing is for sure, their customer services are excellent in terms of helping you with the right use.

The erections are stronger and longer which was the only reason I tried volume pills for.

Now I have properly controlled erection with an improved semen quality.

Bennett Jr- United Kingdom

Final Thoughts on Volume Pills

Men with low semen volume and declined sexual performance can take serious benefits from Volume Pills by adding them to their dietary regimen.

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The effects of Volume Pills according to the majority of customers are fast and within two weeks you will experience a whole new level of Sexual burst and stamina.

There are no side effects that these pills offer since they are completely made with the herbal ingredients which are safer to use by a normal individual.

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Also, the dealers are offering 67 days money back guarantee where you can get a full refund in case you found Volume Pills ineffective.

It would be a wise choice to purchase Volume Pills from the official dealers online to avoid the scam and fake products.

Volume Pills Vs Semenax

What’s more distressing when you could not experience intense orgasmic pleasure during intimacy? While there are a plethora of reasons behind absent orgasms, one is poor quality of semen.

The quality of seminal fluid is determined through the volume and sperm count. In simple words, the less these are, the poorer your sperm.

Thankfully, there is a solution, a solution most of you are well-familiarized with.

Yes, we are referring to the safe and healthy mean to enhance the quality of semen- the sperm volume enhancers.

To help you reach out the products that will not let you suffer in silence, we have shortlisted two result-yielding sperm enhancers of the modern market.

So there are two categories in the sperm volume enhancers:

1) products that work,  2) products that do not work; and of course, your inclination would be more toward the category 1.


However, our investigation is not limited to the point we suggest you the best volume enhancers, we have also took the initiative to compare these bestsellers for you to decide which one of these two can ideally turn the average Joe in you into something extra ordinary.

So, let get started!


The volume pills is another trusted brand that is highly trusted for the semen enhancement purpose.

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It is a natural supplement that aims to increase the quantity and quality of seminal discharge.

According to the manufacturers Volume Pills, the supplement has a key role in increasing the ejaculation load and we know how heavy cum supports orgasmic strength and quality erections.

It is interesting to note that better production of sperm is not just important for pleasurable orgasms, but are overall essential for a healthy sexual life.

With it, you can better impress your girl in bed and feel yourself more manly in bed.

Ingredients that work for Volume Pills are:

  • Tribulus terrestris.
  • Hong hua fen.
  • Zinc oxide.

So these were semenax and volume pills, volume enhancers offering a plethora of benefits for a vivacious sex life.

Now it’s time to consider some essential factors to identify the best one of the two semen boosters.

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The name Semenax is an indication of the product being related to the seminal fluid.


Basically, it is a popular brand that promises to boost your semen health through quality ingredients.

While the product claims to work on the quality of semen, other benefits like unprecedented orgasms and better confidence in bed also get into picture.

The volume enhancer is produced with ingredients that suitably work for all age groups. Or let’s put it this way, it is a formula for every particular man who long to revive his virility.

Ingredients that make Semenax workable are:

  • Maca
  • Catuaba Bark.
  • L-lysine.

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– Product efficiency:

The company behind both the volume enhancers is the same, Leading Edge Health.

Both the products offer similar benefits and have a similar purpose- to improve your seminal health and multiply the seminal discharge by 500%.

Other similar benefits are:

Success rate:

It is interesting to note, that the supplements have proven to deliver the aforementioned benefits, however, the potential buyers should also know that Semenax specifically targets certain reproductive organs/glands whereas Volume pills has a positive on the overall reproductive system for the boost in sperm motility, count and volume.

As far as the success rating is concerned, we would say that the competition is a bit tough here. Semenax, as well as Volume pills are highly acclaimed volume enhancers with 4.6 and 4.8 ratings respectively.


If we talk about ingredients, then Volume Pills trumps Semenax as the ingredients it boasts are rarely find in other semen enhancers. Though, Semenax possesses quality and proven ingredients, yet, they are a part of other enhancers in the market too.


On the grounds of price, Semenax tends to score more. In comparison with Volume pills, it has a lower price, though, there are more bonuses and discount offer on Volume pills than Semenax, on a whole.

Climactic endings with money shots.      ✓      ✓
Maximum degree of sexual ecstasy.      ✓      ✓
Improves fertility.      ✓      ✓
Boosts testosterone for virility.      ✓      ✓
Sexual fantasies and bigger orgasms.      ✓      ✓
Improves semen motility.      ✓      ✓
Deals with early ejaculation.      ✓      ✓

Money back guarantee and side effects:

Firstly, there are no side effects of either of the volume enhancers and secondly, the purchase of both the supplements is featured with money back guarantee.

However, customers going for Volume pills will be entitled to a 6 month, whereas men buying Semenax can avail 2 month money back guarantee.


If money is not a matter, the best you can try and benefit from is Volume Pills, but for the rest, Semenax is a great deal too!

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